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We are accepting new car accident, truck accident and motorcycle injury accidents that occurred in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and California

During these uncertain and difficult times caused by the coronavirus (sometimes called COVID-19) pandemic, we must stick together and help each other.   While social distancing, washing hands frequently with warm water and soap, and avoiding any group gatherings are critical, we know that clients, former clients, friends and members of our Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and California communities may be involved in injury accidents.    As a result we are continuing our mission to provide legal guidance, assistance and protection to victims of injury accidents who need immediate guidance, including in finding medical care (without worry of payment), investigation of the circumstances of the incident with preservation of evidence, and legal representation.

If you were involved in any collision involving a car, truck, motorcycle, bus or bicycle accident, or a pedestrian hit by a car or truck, please contact us now for an absolutely FREE consultation and case evaluation.

Myth: A personal injury case needs to go to trial in order to obtain a fair result.

In fact, most personal injury cases, just like most legal cases, do not go to trial. However, some cases do go to trial and you should know the advantages and disadvantages of settling your case or going to trial.

The key thing when deciding if you should go to trial or not is understanding the costs and risks involved, and analyzing them for your case. You should discuss these things with your personal injury lawyer to determine the right course of action for you. No case is the same. No injury is the same. There is no right answer for everyone or every case.

Myth: Personal injury lawyers are not as qualified as other types of lawyers.

Unfortunately, personal injury lawyers do sometimes get a bad rap. Some people think that people become personal injury lawyers because they can’t cut it in another area of law, or because they went to a bad law school and cannot get a job at a big law firm, or because they are only in it for the money.

While there are certain “bad apples” that hurt the reputation of all personal injury lawyers and the industry, many of these claims are just false and need to be debunked.

This is the second installment of a multi part series about the myths that many people think about the field of personal injury, including personal injury lawyers, personal injury cases and personal injury clients.

Myth two: Personal injury clients fake their injuries so they can get money and this causes insurance rates to go up for everyone.

This is a big myth that unfortunately is believed by many people. This is a myth that has been perpetuated by big corporations and the insurance industry, and then spread by a media industry that sensationalizes stories for more viewers. Why do they perpetuate this myth? Because they don’t want to be held accountable for their negligence. Big corporations and insurance companies care about making money and increasing their stock price. They do not want to be sued when their negligence causes serious injuries or deaths to others.

Myth: All personal injury firms are mills.

All personal injury firms are definitely not mills. However, some certainly are. The key thing, if you are someone who is looking for the right law firm to help you, is to find out what type of firm you are talking to.

Do you want a boutique style firm, where you can speak to the attorney, call or text him or her when you have a question, discuss strategy on your case? Or would you prefer to always talk to the attorney’s support staff and always hear that the attorney is out of the office for one reason or another? Do you prefer an attorney who is good at marketing, or one who is good at speaking to a judge in a court room? Do you want an attorney who knows how to resolve cases and get top dollar for his/her clients, or do you prefer an attorney who wants to get your case settled as fast as possible so he/she can move on to the next case and get as many cases done as possible, regardless of result?

We are happy to report that we have obtained a settlement of over $200,000.00 for one of our clients who was the victim of a dog bite in Van Nuys, California. This particular client was walking her dogs when a neighbors dog came out of the house and attacked one of her dogs. Our client did what any responsible dog owner would do and attempted to help her dog.

Unfortunately, in the process, the neighbor’s dog bit our client’s finger and bit off a small piece of our client’s pinky finger. Our client attempted to resolve the matter on her own without hiring an attorney. The owners of the dog refused to even pay for our client’s medical bills and she hired our firm.

Fortunately, the other party had insurance. Their insurance adjuster first tried to argue that our client assumed the risk of injury by trying to help her dog. The adjuster also tried to argue that it was not a bad injury. We successfully argued and proved the severity of the injury, as well as the psychological effects of such an attack, and resolved the case for more than $200,000.00.

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Our California personal injury lawyers recently settled an Indio car accident injury case for one hundred thousand dollars. In this claim, our client had very low medical bills and the insurance company attempted to claim that it was a minor rear end accident. The insurance company based its arguement on the low property damage repair amount. We successfully argued that our client had a prior surgery and his condition was aggravated by this collision.

The party who hit our client only had $15,000 in insurance coverage, which is the minimum amount allowed by law in California. First, we did a policy limits demand and we were able to obtain the $15,000 policy limits from the other party. After that, we opened an underinsured motorist claim with our own client’s insurance company. We were then able to obtain the additional $85,000 maximum amount from our client’s coverage, as our client had $100,000 in uninsured motorist coverage and there is a write off for the $15,000 already obtained from the other party’s insurance.

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The Walch Law Corporation, a Los Angeles County, California based personal injury & wrongful death accident law firm, serving injured clients and the families of wrongful death victims, has recovered over $2,000,000.00 for its clients so far this year. These recoveries have come from all different types of personal injury cases, including car accident injuries, truck accident injuries, dog bites, slip and falls, trip and falls, etc.

Some notable recoveries so far this year include the following:

  • Personal injury attorney Robert Walch handled one case where he recovered over $1,000,000.00 for the sons of a woman who was killed by an intoxicated driver. This Santa Ana wrongful death pedestrian accident case was resolved for the insurance policy limits of the underlying insurance and supplemental umbrella coverage that was also located.
  • In another injury case that recently settled, our personal injury lawyers recovered $500,000.00 for a woman who suffered a leg injury when a vehicle she was in was struck by another vehicle on the Pomona Freeway in Los Angeles County, California.
  • Our attorneys also recovered the insurance policy limits of $50,000.00 for a war veteran who suffered an aggravation of prior injuries in an intersection car accident in Riverside, California. Because his medical bills from this car accident were so low, our client received a net recovery of over $30,000.00 (over 60% of the gross!) from this settlement.
  • Also, in an interesting Woodland Hills slip and fall case at a large store, our personal injury lawyers recovered $45,000.00 for the mother of a former member of our firm.

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The Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, A Law Corporation, which for almost forty years has concentrated its practice helping injured victims of accidents and their families secure medical care and compensation for their injuries and damages for car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, Uninsured Motorist (UM) and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) claims, and other personal injury and wrongful death accident cases is excited to announce that in mid May 2015 it is moving its law offices to newer and larger offices just a few blocks away.

The newer offices shall be much easier for our clients and friends to access, especially those who may have difficulty walking such as those who are injured or elderly.

More information about our move shall be released soon but our phone numbers – 1.818.222.3400 and 1.866 INJURY 2 – and our emails – including info@WalchLaw.com – shall remain unchanged.

And for more information about our personal injury & wrongful death accident lawyers and law offices, please visit our website by clicking HERE.

In addition, we are also very excited to announce that in response to many requests we have associated attorneys who also will handle immigration and criminal law matters for which you or others you know may need assistance.  Here is some more information about these two new areas of practice:

  1. Immigration Matters

Our associate wants to help our clients who need assistance with immigration matters reach their ultimate American Dream.

There are many trials and tribulations faced while going through the Immigration process. Let us help you make this process as smooth as possible while providing you with the means to reach YOUR American Dream!

The following are the immigration practice areas we shall be able to assist you with:

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We are extremely proud to announce that a member of our firm, Gary Walch, was selected Personal Injury Attorney of the Year for 2010 by the Editorial Staff of the Consumer Business Review.

Gary has been an attorney since 1975, graduating from UCLA summa cum laude (with highest honors) and then the UCLA School of Law.

During his legal career of successfully handling thousands of serious injury claims in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura and San Bernardino counties he has resolved claims for many millions of dollars for his clients.

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