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Debunking Personal Injury Myths – Part Three

Myth: Personal injury lawyers are not as qualified as other types of lawyers.

Unfortunately, personal injury lawyers do sometimes get a bad rap. Some people think that people become personal injury lawyers because they can’t cut it in another area of law, or because they went to a bad law school and cannot get a job at a big law firm, or because they are only in it for the money.

While there are certain “bad apples” that hurt the reputation of all personal injury lawyers and the industry, many of these claims are just false and need to be debunked.

If a personal injury lawyer just tries to get by doing the minimum, that particular attorney probably couldn’t cut it at another type of law. However, personal injury law can be very challenging and intricate. New issues come up all the time. Personal injury lawyers need to go to court and argue cases in front of a judge and a jury. There are many lawyers practicing other areas of law that cannot say they do the same!

While some personal injury lawyers went to low ranked law schools and perhaps couldn’t get a job at a big firm, this is not true for all personal injury law firms and the school certainly does not determine the abilities of the lawyer. There are many lawyers who did not go to big name law schools who have done amazing things for their personal injury clients. There are also bad personal injury lawyers, just like there are bad attorneys in all types of law. You should know your attorney’s qualifications, check their results and ask questions before deciding on a lawyer, so you don’t pick just anyone. In our firm, Gary Walch graduated from UCLA Law School and Robert Walch graduated from Pepperdine Law School.  These are top law schools and both Gary and Robert Walch graduated the California Bar Exam the first time they took it.

While there are personal injury lawyers who run their firms as a mill and just try to have as many clients as possible, you should avoid those and pick the lawyers that are in this industry to help people. Our desire to help people is the reason that good personal injury attorneys decide on this profession. We fight against big corporations and giant insurance companies so that people who have suffered the loss of a loved one or who have serious injuries, can be fairly compensated for their damages. Not only that, but our personal injury law firm does not charge for a consultation, we do not even charge our clients a retainer fee or bill our clients by the hour.

We know that insurance companies have big law firms on retainer and many injury victims do not have the money to fight them on their own or to pay a law firm out of pocket to help them with this fight. We will wait for payment until we have successfully handled the case. If we don’t win, we don’t get paid. While no firm can guarantee results, we can guarantee that we will not get paid unless we win your case! Can you say that for lawyers who handle other types of law?

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