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A multi-vehicle car crash that involved a large Big Rig truck, left each of the driver’s with minor injuries, and one driver in critical condition. The crash occurred on Olympic Boulevard in the Boyle Heights neighborhood. From the photos of the incident, provided by ABC 7 News, the Big Rig over turned blocking the entire street. The photos show the truck completely on its side with two cars smashed into the trailer and one other car hit by the front of the truck.

Two of the people involved in the accident were trapped inside their cars. The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the scene and set to work extracting the victims. One of the extracted victims was in critical condition and was rushed to a nearby hospital. The other drivers were evaluated at the scene for minor injuries.

As of right now, no other information about the crash has been released. Investigators are looking into what caused the crash and what, specifically, caused the semi-truck to tip completely on its side.

A Los Angeles-bound bus accident, involving a big rig truck, has resulted in the deaths of seven bus passengers. The bus was a Greyhound bus coming from St. Louis and headed to Los Angeles. In addition to the bus accident wrongful death victims, 42 other passengers were taken to local hospitals for their bus accident injuries. According to ABC News 7, the accident occurred on Interstate 40 near Thoreau, New Mexico.

Initial reports by investigators show that a big rig was traveling eastbound when a front tire blew, causing the truck to lose control. The big rig smashed through the center median and went into oncoming traffic, hitting the bus.  The truck turned on its side while the bus was severely damaged, and luggage was strewn across the freeway.

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A major Los Angeles truck accident occurred earlier this week on Sepulveda Pass on the 405 Freeway. The accident occurred around 2:50 p.m. causing a SigAlert and closing lanes on both sides of the freeway. The closure lasted late into the night, impacting traffic throughout Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that the truck, loaded with concrete and gravel, struck a car and overturned on top of the car, which led to a fire. The fire ended up burning both vehicles. Three people were hurt in the collision, two of which were critically injured. Officers credit a group of witnesses for saving the victims’ lives by pulling the victims from the burning car. The two victims in critical condition were rushed to the hospital for treatment.  Continue Reading

On February 16, 2018, a tragic freeway accident occurred on the 10 freeway in Rialto, California. The California wrongful death accident resulted in five deaths and other injuries. According to the Daily News, the Rialto truck accident occurred when Michael Coley, from Riverside, California, in a cement pumper truck that he was driving for Mack Industries, crashed through the center divider of the freeway, striking numerous cars.

Sadly, five people were killed in this 10 freeway truck accident and they have finally been identified as Linda Crowell-Thomsen, from Menifee, Miguel Martinez-Medina, from Los Angeles, Edgar Kunkler, from West Covina, Jerry D. Thomsen, from Menifee and Duddley White, from Twentynine Palms. All of the wrongful death victims were from California.

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A truck driver was injured earlier today when his big rig truck fell from the 118 freeway overpass onto the 5 freeway. From photos of the incident, provided by the Los Angeles Daily News, the big rig truck appears to be blocking all lanes of the northbound 5 freeway. Fortunately, the driver of the truck was not trapped in the vehicle.

The driver of the big rig truck in the Los Angeles truck accident was taken to the hospital to receive medical care for his truck accident injuries. Amazingly, given the nature of this incident, it is surprising that there are no other injuries reported from the truck crash in Los Angeles.

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On Saturday, a woman was killed when her vehicle was rear ended by a truck. The Santa Clarita truck accident occurred at about 5:08pm, when the truck slammed into the rear of the woman’s vehicle, pushing her vehicle into a bus. One passenger on the bus was also injured in the Santa Clarita accident.

According to the Daily News, the woman who died was named Marie Davis. She was 67 years old and lived in Canyon Country, California. Unfortunately, Ms. Davis’ smaller car posed no match for the much bigger truck, which was also pulling a trailer at the time of the wrongful death accident. There does not appear to be any suggestion that the driver of the bus contributed to causing this collision, but this is something that should be examined.

As of now, it has not yet been reported what caused the truck to rear end the vehicle. Oftentimes rear end accidents like this happen due to inattention by a driver, sometimes because of texting or other distractions. When the driver sees that vehicles have stopped up ahead, it can just be too late to stop in time. Here, the truck would require more time to stop because of the trailer hitched to the back. The driver may not have been taking that into account.

Early on the morning of May 20th, around 2:40 a.m., reports came in of a crash near Clark Avenue and Eagle Street in Long Beach. CBS News reports that the passenger in a truck was killed when the truck’s driver—suspected to be under the influence of alcohol—slammed the truck into a utility pole.

Once officers from the Long Beach Police Department arrived at the scene, they found two passengers still inside the truck. Officers pulled one passenger, who was unconscious, out of the truck and began administering CPR. Paramedics later arrived and pronounced the passenger dead at the scene. The other passenger was taken to the hospital.

Shortly after arriving at the scene of the Long Beach truck accident, officers also found the driver after a helpful witness identified him. He was walking away from the scene when the authorities caught up with him. He was also taken to the hospital with critical injuries. Authorities suspect that the driver was under the influence.

According to the Daily Bulletin, just before 2 a.m. on Saturday, May 27, 2017, a semi-truck drifted towards the shoulder of the eastbound 60 Freeway in Chino, California. The truck then hit several guardrail posts and slammed into the Mountain Avenue bridge cement wall.

A second vehicle then crashed into the truck and ended up on the bottom of the off-ramp. Both the semi-truck and the vehicle caught on fire. The driver of the vehicle was ejected from his car.  Paramedics arrived at the scene and brought him to the hospital, but he unfortunately died from his truck accident injuries.

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A tragic accident on Memorial Day killed four people approximately 20 miles north of Desert Center in Riverside County, California. A witness called in to report the accident at 3:11 p.m. According to an eyewitness who spoke to the Los Angeles Times, a car was traveling southbound on the two-lane Highway 177 when it crossed over the center line, seemingly in an attempt to pass traffic. It then slammed head-on into a big rig truck. Six California Highway Patrol officers and 11 Riverside County Fire Department and Cal Fire/Riverside firefighters were sent to the scene of the Riverside truck accident.

Officers found three individuals dead at the scene. A fourth person was extricated from the car and then airlifted to Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The crash had caused a large cloud of dust and debris to rise into the air and the spilling of diesel fuel all over the road. The eyewitness—Brian Mumey, a retired U.S. Army infantryman—said he treated the driver, who was the only person alive when he arrived. He noted that there was a group of trucks and RVs returning from Memorial Day events pulling boats, and that many cars were trying to pass them, including the car involved in the accident.

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According to The Tribune, a semi-truck driver hauling grain mush from Firestone Walker Brewing Company was traveling east on Highway 46 around 2 pm on March 31st, when his truck began drifting onto the shoulder. The driver—Charles S. Celaya of Wyoming, tried to bring his truck back onto the road on a right-hand curve. As he did so, his big rig crossed over the divider in the center of the highway and clipped a Dodge Dakota. The clipped Dodge crashed into a Ford F-150 and a Honda Odyssey.

Apparently, the big rig then collided headfirst with a GMC Sierra that had been driving in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, according to police, the GMC driver—68-year-old Jesus Acebedo of Bakersfield—was killed from blunt force trauma in this big rig truck accident.

The police investigation appears to be ongoing; as of now, law enforcement does not believe that drugs or alcohol played a role in this accident. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the family of the GMC’s driver may be able to make a wrongful death claim against the operator of the big rig truck. We highly recommend that the family hire a California personal injury attorney who is familiar with handling wrongful death cases, to investigate the circumstances of the accident and determine whether such a claim exists.

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