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Recent Result: $100,000 For “Minor” Riverside Truck Accident

Our California personal injury lawyers were referred a case from a lawyer in Texas who attempted to handle a Riverside freeway truck accident, where one truck side swiped another truck. The client originally hired a law firm in Texas as he lives in Texas and received his medical treatment there. The insurance for the truck denied the claim and said that there was no injury as the police report listed the damage to the vehicles as “minor”. Since the prior attorney was not able to get an offer from the truck company, he referred the case to our firm.

Our firm filed a lawsuit against the truck company that caused the accident and we litigated the case. After some litigation, our attorney was able to settle the case at Mediation for $100,000.00 for our client. There are certain situations where the insurance company for the responsible party doesn’t take a case seriously until a lawsuit is filed and they realize that they face exposure at trial. This was one of those cases and the mediator helped bring all the parties together towards a fair resolution for our client.

We do not handle Texas injury and wrongful death claims, but we do have friends in Texas who can help with any Texas accident injury or wrongful death claim. If you are injured in Texas, contact us right away and we will guide you in the right direction towards an attorney who will fight hard for you to get you the best result possible. Handling a case in Texas is different from California for many reasons. Knowing the local system and rules is important. We can help you get the guidance you need for your Texas injury or wrongful death claim.

As many people know, not every attorney can handle every matter, just like not every doctor can handle every type of medical problem. It is important to have the right attorney for the right situation. We have a vast network of attorney friends who can help people with different types of matters and in different states, including Texas. If we cannot help you, or we feel that it would be best that you use a different attorney in our network, we will set you up with the help that you need. This is something that we do for friends, family, former clients and members of the public who contact us when they are in need.

Fortunately, many attorneys also refer cases to us, because they know that we give all of our cases close, personal attention and strive to do our best for our clients.

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