Early on the morning of March 12, 2017, at approximately 5:20 am, a Mini Cooper entered the freeway in Commerce driving the wrong direction. According to the California Highway Patrol, it then ran head-on into a van. According to KTLA, just prior to the accident, individuals had made reports of a wrong-way driver. At the time of the crash, the Highway Patrol had been on their way to the scene.

Sadly, three victims were killed in this California wrongful death accident, including the wrong-way driver and a driver and passenger of the van. The van’s driver— and passenger, a woman and man, as well as the Mini Cooper driver, a man, were all pronounced dead at the scene. According to ABC News, the two males killed were 29-year-old John Perez from Downey and 53-year-old Quanlinh Phillips from Santa Ana. Law enforcement officials did not release the identification of the female van driver, nor did they provide clarification on which person had been the driver of the Mini Cooper. Investigations are still underway as to the cause behind the wrong-way driving.

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A young woman from Perris, California who was injured in a truck accident on the I10 Freeway in Blythe on Monday, later died on Saturday, February 18, 2017.  The Riverside County Coroner’s Office stated that Barbara Emard, just 28 years of age, died Saturday at 1:22 p.m. at the Desert Regional Medical Center in Riverside County.  According to the Patch.com, last Monday evening Ms. Emard had pulled her 1998 Ford Expedition vehicle onto the shoulder of the eastbound I10 Freeway at about 11 p.m.

Ms. Emard allegedly was beginning to accelerate back into the traffic lanes of the I10 freeway when apparently the front tire of a nearby 2006 Freightliner semi truck blew-out.   As a result, the truck apparently lost control, veered to its right and struck the Ford expedition.

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A motorcycle accident in Wonder Valley, California on February 9, 2017, has been identified as Nikos Lukaris. According to Z1077fm, Lukaris, a 43 year old man from Twentynine Palms, California, was riding his dirtbike without a helmet or lights on Amboy Road when he was struck and killed by a Ford F-350 Super Duty pick-up truck. The driver of the pick-up truck was also a Twentynine Palms resident, Patrick Candelaria.

Apparently, the F-350 driver was attempting to pass another vehicle when he struck the motorcyclist head on. The California motorcycle accident wrongful death occurred shortly after 6:00pm. The California Highway Patrol is in charge of the investigation into the causes of the motorcycle accident.

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Sunday evening, an apparent street race led to a violent crash and two people killed. The Palmdale car accident allegedly occurred when two vehicles were racing and one of the vehicles lost control and struck a traffic pole.

According to TheAVTimes, the two people killed were in a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro that was headed southbound on 25th Street East in Palmdale. The father was driving the vehicle and the daughter was in the passenger seat. The father, Manuel Paniagua, was 54 years old. His daughter, Vanessa Paniagua, was only 17 years old.

According to witnesses at the scene, the two vehicles were speeding and probably racing. The other vehicle possibly involved in the race drove away from the scene without stopping to render assistance to the occupants of the Chevy. The driver of that other vehicle faces possible criminal charges for being involved in a street race and for leaving the scene.

On Saturday, February 11, 2017, Cesar Manuel Floriano Ortiz of Highland was killed in a single car crash that allegedly occurred at about 12:45 am, when he was riding as a passenger in the vehicle.  Apparently, Brien Jesus Reyna of San Bernardino was driving the car when the driver lost control and struck a light pole on H Street in San Bernardino, California.

Cesar Manuel Floriano Ortiz of Highland was only 22 years of age.

Brien Jesus Reyna of San Bernardino was only 18 years of age.

Reportedly both the driver and passenger were killed in this tragic San Bernardino car accident.

Allegedly the men were driving eastbound on West Ninth Street at about 12:45 am early on Saturday morning on the 215 Freeway overpass when the driver lost control and struck the light pole located on H Street in San Bernardino.

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Sadly, a sixth child has passed away from the tragic bus accident in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The bus crash occurred on Monday when the students were being driven home from school. According to cnn.com, the driver of the bus, Johnthony Walker, went off the road and collided head on with a tree and turned over.

Surprisingly, blood tests on the driver did not find any drugs or alcohol in his system. In addition to the six children who were killed, another 12 suffered significant injuries, including serious head injuries and spinal injuries. Six of those 12 students are still hospitalized.

Apparently the bus was not on the regularly scheduled path and the driver was speeding. There are also reports that the bus driver asked the students if they were ready to die before the crash. This indicates that the bus driver may have intentionally caused this horrible crash.

Our sincerest condolences go out to the families of the young victims who were killed in this crash and we wish a fast recovery to those who suffered injuries.

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Elias Vides, the well liked owner, operator and driver of the tour bus that crashed into the rear of a big rig truck on Sunday, October 23, 2016, killing 13 people, including himself, and injuring 31, not surprisingly to our team of lawyers had many prior safety violations, traffic tickets and lawsuits filed against him for prior bus versus car accidents alleging deaths and injuries.

According to data obtained from the federal government, the bus drove 68,780 miles in 2015 and the company had been in business for five years.  Statistics show that the more miles and time one drives, clearly the more likelihood of accidents, collisions and traffic violations.

As previously reported in our blogs, the tour bus was traveling back from the Red Earth Casino in Thermal, near Salton Sea, on the I10 Freeway towards the intersection of Vermont Avenue and Olympic Boulevard located in the Koreatown community of Los Angeles, California, when it violently rear ended the big rig truck in front of it.

Thirteen people died and will have California wrongful death claims, including driver Vides (age 59) and 13 passengers.  31 people were injured, including the driver of the big rig truck, identified as Bruce Guilford, age 50, a resident of Covington, Georgia, that was rear ended by the tour bus.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Vides had been sued at least twice for negligence after collisions between his bus and other vehicles.  One of these collisions allegedly resulted in the deaths of three (3) persons in another vehicle.

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced that it had launched an investigation into the horrific tour bus accident which killed 13 and injured at least 31 others this past Sunday morning, October 23, 1016, at approximately 5:17 a.m. in Desert Hot Springs, California.

The NTSB has sent a “Go To Team” to Desert Hot Springs to investigate the causes of this collision.  For more information about the NTSB, simply click here.

The tour bus, allegedly owned and operated by USA Holiday, was returning from the Red Earth Casino in Thermal near the Salton Sea,  traveling westbound on the I10 Freeway, with its destination in Los Angeles, in the Koreatown area, at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Vermont Avenue.  Many of its passengers were asleep when the tour bus allegedly rammed into and crashed into the rear of a big rig truck.  Apparently the tour bus was traveling so fast and the impact was so violent that one-third of the bus was crushed.

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A tragic bus accident in Palm Springs this morning caused the deaths of 14 people and left over 30 people with injuries.  The Palm Springs bus accident occurred at about five o’clock in the morning on Interstate 10, near Indian Canyon Road.

According to LAIST.COM, the tour bus slammed into the rear of a big rig truck, which crushed the front end of the bus.  Of the 31 injured people, five are reported to be in critical condition.

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the crash, but based on photos of the scene, it appears the bus was traveling at a high speed when it struck the big rig truck.  Most likely the bus driver and bus company, USA Holiday, will be found responsible for the crash and will have to pay for the wrongful death and injury claims.  If the big rig truck driver did anything negligent to cause the crash, the truck company may also have to pay extensive damages.

Our California personal injury lawyers handle bus accident injury and wrongful death claims throughout the state of California.  Recently, attorney Robert Walch went to arbitration on a Northern California bus accident case and won over $350,000 for his injured client.  That client sustained arm injuries and scarring from broken glass from the bus.

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A bicyclist, who alleged permanent traumatic brain injury (often referred to as TBI) and memory loss will be paid three million ($3,000,000.00) dollars by the city of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday, September 29, 2016.

The bicycle versus car collision occurred on Victory Boulevard, just east of the San Diego (405) freeway, in the San Fernando Valley, when Shelaim Furst, a rabbi, allegedly was hit from behind while driving his bicycle in a posted bicycle lane by a car driven by Antoine Shehata, who was attempting to change lanes to enter the freeway.

As a result of the impact, Rabbi Furst struck the car’s front windshield and was thrown approximately 27 feet onto the street.  Rabbi Furst reportedly suffered multiple injuries, including permanent brain injury and memory loss, from this collision.

A basis of his lawsuit was reported to be that L.A. City allowed Victory Blvd. to become “dilapidated” which created a false sense of security since the city posted bike route signs.  For more information on bicycle injury accidents, please see our Bicycle Accident injury page.

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