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The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that on Saturday night, April 20, 2024, around 9 p.m., at least 15 tourists riding the popular back lot tram ride at Universal City Studios were injured when the motorized tram vehicle they were riding on hit something and then tipped, causing many of the tram’s riders to be thrown from the ride.

The exact details and causes of this California amusement park injury incident are currently under investigation by the CHP, including possible driver negligence, vehicle brake failure and other causes.  Meanwhile, reportedly at least 15 of the tram riders were taken to a local hospital emergency room, with unspecified injuries.  So far Universal seems to be taking the position that the injuries ranged only from minor to moderate, yet at least 15 riders were taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, each of these injured tram riders have the right to make a claim against Universal Studios for all their injuries and damages, and may receive an absolutely FREE consultation and case evaluation by a very experienced law firm with over 45 years of experience handling serious injury and wrongful death accident claims simply by clicking here.

The heartache parents feel upon discovering their child has autism is unparalleled. Recent research indicates that a notable percentage of children with autism might have been exposed to toxic metals found in baby food, a factor contributing to the condition. These toxins can cause serious neurological problems, potentially resulting in autism spectrum disorders.

Our team at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch is here to help if you believe your child’s autism diagnosis is linked to harmful substances in the baby food they consumed. We will gladly review your personal injury claim and guide you through the particulars of your case.

Heavy Metals and Neurodevelopmental Disorders: What Research Says

If you are involved in a serious injury accident in California, or you have a relative that suffers a wrongful death due to someone else’s negligence, you need a personal injury and wrongful death lawyer that you can really trust, not a lawyer from a billboard or radio or television commercial.  This is a common mistake made by  many people who may never have hired a lawyer before and do not know what exactly to look for.

If you are hiring a law firm for your very important personal injury or wrongful death case, see if you can talk to the lawyer who will be representing you and your family. If you cannot talk to the lawyer and only get to speak with a receptionist, or if the lawyer sends an “investigator” to your home or hospital to try to pressure you into signing with them, then you should not hire that law firm.

Make sure you read everything that a law firm sends you when you are considering hiring that law firm. Our firm has an easy and simple to understand one page Retainer Agreement. We try to make everything as easy as possible for our clients in their difficult time.  Some firms have five or ten page retainer agreements, which may not be a bad thing by itself, but it is a bad thing if they are using the multiple pages to sneak in terms that are not beneficial to the client. Many of the firms that advertise heavily do not care as much about having happy clients at the end of the case, so they will sneak things into their agreements to use against the clients. Oftentimes the clients won’t realize those terms are in their agreement until after they have settled.  Do not fall for this. Read the entire contract. If you have a question about anything in our contract, ask us, we will happily explain it to you.

Why Does the Implantation of Hernia Mesh to Repair a Hernia Cause Nausea?

Yes, it is possible that the implantation of a hernia mesh to repair a hernia can cause you to experience nausea after the operation. Nausea can turn into a chronic condition for some people, who have a reaction to the hernia mesh, whereby a gallstone-like bezoar formation on the intraluminal hernia mesh causes a small bowel obstruction and chronic abdominal pain and other complications, after a hernia mesh repair surgical procedure2. This means that it is a warning that you can develop more pressing and serious symptoms after you have undergone a surgical hernial mesh repair of the hernia, which can make your situation much worse than just enduring a hernia in the first instance. As a winning Los Angeles hernia mesh law firm, we know that hernia mesh is a surgery that comes with risks and some of the issues you may be dealing with are actually ones you should be getting money for. Call Walch Law now to learn more. 

 A Bad Complication from a Hernia Mesh Implantation Can Leave You Feeling Nauseated All the Time

Can a Hernia Mesh Cause Migrating Headaches?

Yes, in some cases the hernia mesh implanted to repair your hernia can cause migrating headaches. Oftentimes it can be the case that the hernia mesh chosen to repair your hernia is not getting along well with your system, or that the hernia mesh that was implanted is somehow being rejected by your body at this time. Even if your body is accepting the hernia mesh, it is a foreign object, and your system may have difficulty adapting to the mesh in its location to fix your hernia. Studies show that a hernia mesh implantation can cause headaches as a systemic reaction in some people who receive a hernia mesh to repair their damaged hernias. Some people with predisposing factors such as:

  • Female gender

Why Does Using Roundup Increase Your Cancer Risks?

The use of the weedkiller Roundup can increase your risks of developing cancers. When Roundup is used in the soil to kill weeds around a home garden, or weeds around crops in the farmer’s fields, the residuals of the dangerous chemicals in Roundup stay in the soil to leach into the water later on. A dangerous ingredient used in Roundup is glyphosate, which is a known carcinogen to humans and animals. If you are exposed to glyphosate in any quantity environmentally you can develop symptoms and side effects from coming into contact with this highly toxic chemical. As a winning Los Angeles Roundup law firm, we can help.

Leaching of Glyphosate into Soil Can Be Affected by the Weather and Ground Conditions

What Are the Cytotoxic Properties of Glyphosate in Roundup?

The chemical glyphosate (n-(phosphonomethyl) glycine) is used as a broad-spectrum type of weed killer. It is used globally to kill unwanted plants, by disrupting the shikimic acid pathway the amino acid of a plant, preventing the binding of phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) to the enzymes necessary for the plant to grow. In short, it kills plants dead! The problem with the use of glyphosate is that it goes into the ground and then can be found in our food, drinking water, and can affect humans through exposure to this hazardous chemical. For this reason, glyphosates are toxic and can cause cancers such as:

 Liver cancer

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

If you have had a hernia mesh surgical procedure that went awry, then you know that you are not out of the woods just because you are out of the operating room. There is a high likelihood that even after your surgery is complete, that the hernia mesh did not “take” or properly become implanted where it was meant to go. You could be up for a second surgical procedure, to manage the damage of an improperly implanted hernia mesh.

Additionally, if your hernia mesh was one that was defective in some way, and may need to be removed if it caused more harm in your body than good from being implanted into your internal cavities. It can take some time and many days of healing, to determine if your hernia mesh procedure is going to be truly successful to fix your hernia without other issues involved in the healing process.

Genzyme Biological

Hernia mesh products have produced issues for people who have had them implanted to repair their hernias. An infection can form in the areas around a hernia mesh product in a short amount of time after the surgical procedure. In some patients, there have been severe complications within a few days, months or even years after the surgery to repair the hernia with a hernia mesh product. If you have developed a mesh-related infection, then you will be susceptible to also developing serious microorganisms that are commonly associated with this type of mesh, including:

  • Staphylococcus aureus

Average Settlement Amount of Los Angeles Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

Surgical meshes used to repair hernias have been around since the late 1800s. This means that overall, the repair of hernias using mesh products is quite common globally, as far as routine surgical procedures are concerned. Fortunately, the research opportunities have grown around the use of hernial meshes, and many new advances have been added to the use of surgical mesh for hernial repairs. But there are also still many major complications related to the use of hernia mesh products, which may necessitate initiating a Los Angeles hernia mesh lawsuit. These complications usually occur after the surgery is completed, and can include:

  • Infections
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