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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Los Angeles Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

If you have had a hernia mesh surgical procedure that went awry, then you know that you are not out of the woods just because you are out of the operating room. There is a high likelihood that even after your surgery is complete, that the hernia mesh did not “take” or properly become implanted where it was meant to go. You could be up for a second surgical procedure, to manage the damage of an improperly implanted hernia mesh.

Additionally, if your hernia mesh was one that was defective in some way, and may need to be removed if it caused more harm in your body than good from being implanted into your internal cavities. It can take some time and many days of healing, to determine if your hernia mesh procedure is going to be truly successful to fix your hernia without other issues involved in the healing process.

Will My Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Be Settled Right After My Hernia Mesh Surgical Procedure Is Completed?

No, your hernia mesh lawsuit is unlikely to be settled, right after your first hernia mesh procedure is completed. This is because you may have a complication that will require different and additional surgeries to amend the first surgical procedure.

For these reasons, the settling of a Los Angeles hernia mesh lawsuit is a process that can take some time to accomplish completely. In the case that you need additional surgical procedures, need to have the mesh removed or reviewed, or if there are other complications related to the first surgical procedure, your case can draw out for months or even several years. There is no standard or “average” amount of time that it can take to settle out a hernia mesh lawsuit. Each lawsuit for a hernia mesh personal injury needs to be settled on the merits of that lawsuit. Every claim is different, has varied circumstances and severity of the personal injury, and will have a different healing time for your healing from the losses and damages related to the surgical implantation of a hernia mesh product.

You May Sustain Internal Injuries and Complications Based on the First Hernia Mesh Surgical Procedure

It is not unusual that your hernia mesh will give you issues, problems and concerns after it is implanted into your abdomen or surrounding areas. Many people experience issues and complications when the hernia mesh adheres to other organs, moves around or generally develops infections or other problems in internal areas of the body. It will be difficult to accept that your hernia is repaired properly at the time, but then over an amount of time the hernial mesh shifts, slips or moves over to stick, adhere or block other organs in your body. This can be traumatic for many people, not to mention the pain that can be associated with a hernia mesh that is defective and is prone to the development of complications after it is surgically implanted in a person’s body. You can feel free to call us today at Walch Law, and you can speak to us now at 866-INJURY2 or 866-465-8792.

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