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Los Angeles Defective Design Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Get You the Recovery Money You Need Now

Defective Design Los Angeles Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Get You the Recovery Money You Need Now

Hernia mesh lawsuits are initiated to help you to recover the compensation necessary to help you to properly and fully heal, from a hernia mesh that is improperly implanted in your body. Once you have had a hernia operation, the assumption is that it will fix and mend the hernia and you will be automatically good to go. But life doesn’t always go to plan, and oftentimes a hernia mesh is defective, leaving you with more complications than ever before, as related to your original hernia mesh surgical procedure.

A hernia mesh product can be defective in small ways or in large components, which means that when it is surgically implanted into you, it will act improperly to not provide the surgical need that you have to resolve your hernia. You can develop a serious infection, adhesion to other organs or any number of other complications that will prolong your recovery time from days to weeks or even months longer as a result of these issues.

A Faulty Hernia Mesh Implantation Is Never Your Own Fault!

You are not to fault when this does happen to you. This is because you are not the surgeon, and you are not the hernia mesh manufacturer either. A personal injury from a hernia mesh can take you double the time or longer to recover from the problems that a defective hernia mesh can wreck on your internal organs and bodily system. When this happens, you are in your best interest to initiate a lawsuit based on your personal injuries related to the botched hernia mesh surgical procedure that you experienced.

Common Hernia Mesh Complications Can Cause Serious Personal Injuries

There are many common complications that can result from the implantation of a defective hernia mesh product into your body. These complications can include:

  • Adhesion to other organs in the body
  • Shrinkage of the mesh
  • Infection from the presence of the mesh in the body
  • The body rejecting the hernia mesh product
  • Perforation of the bowl by the hernia mesh product
  • Bleeding at the site of the implanted hernia mesh
  • Chronic pain on the side where the hernia mesh is implanted
  • Recurrence of a hernia
  • Mesh migration to other areas of the body
  • Obstruction of the bowels because of the hernia mesh
  • Infections related to the hernia mesh

If you suffer from an infection related to a hernia mesh, it can affect all of the other organs of the body, and may cause chronic infections or other organ failures because of the infection related to the hernia mesh. It can take weeks to months to get rid of and recover from a serious infection related to a hernia mesh product. It is easy to call us today at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, at 866-INJURY2 or 866-465-8792, to discuss your case with us and go over your next moves to get a recovery package based on your losses, damages and personal injuries from a defective hernia mesh product used during your hernia surgical procedure.


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