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Does the Type of Hernia Mesh Matter that is Used in a Hernia Repair Surgery?

How Does the Weight of a Hernia Mesh Affect the Patient After the Surgery for an Open Ventral Hernia Repair?

The most common hernia meshes used for an open ventral hernia repair are the medium-weight and heavy-weight mesh, for open retromuscular ventral hernia repair. In order to prevent chronic pain as a complication of a ventral hernia repair, it is common that the heavy-weight permanent synthetic meshes are used to reduce risk of complications after the surgery.2 The heavy-weight hernia mesh has a higher level tensile strength, and can lead to some complications, such as a risk of chronic pain after a hernial repair surgery. But when reviewed against the medium-weight hernia mesh, there were advantages to using the larger weight hernia mesh, including:

Why Does the Implantation of Hernia Mesh to Repair a Hernia Cause Nausea?

Yes, it is possible that the implantation of a hernia mesh to repair a hernia can cause you to experience nausea after the operation. Nausea can turn into a chronic condition for some people, who have a reaction to the hernia mesh, whereby a gallstone-like bezoar formation on the intraluminal hernia mesh causes a small bowel obstruction and chronic abdominal pain and other complications, after a hernia mesh repair surgical procedure2. This means that it is a warning that you can develop more pressing and serious symptoms after you have undergone a surgical hernial mesh repair of the hernia, which can make your situation much worse than just enduring a hernia in the first instance. As a winning Los Angeles hernia mesh law firm, we know that hernia mesh is a surgery that comes with risks and some of the issues you may be dealing with are actually ones you should be getting money for. Call Walch Law now to learn more. 

 A Bad Complication from a Hernia Mesh Implantation Can Leave You Feeling Nauseated All the Time

Can a Hernia Mesh Cause Migrating Headaches?

Yes, in some cases the hernia mesh implanted to repair your hernia can cause migrating headaches. Oftentimes it can be the case that the hernia mesh chosen to repair your hernia is not getting along well with your system, or that the hernia mesh that was implanted is somehow being rejected by your body at this time. Even if your body is accepting the hernia mesh, it is a foreign object, and your system may have difficulty adapting to the mesh in its location to fix your hernia. Studies show that a hernia mesh implantation can cause headaches as a systemic reaction in some people who receive a hernia mesh to repair their damaged hernias. Some people with predisposing factors such as:

  • Female gender

How Much Does a Los Angeles Hernia Mesh Law Firm Cost?

It is difficult to put a guesstimate on the cost of a Los Angeles hernia mesh lawsuit, because each case is completely different. All cases are handled on an individual basis, which is the meaning of the phrase “case-by-case” basis, and your case will depend on your damages, losses, expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and personal injuries. All of these losses are specific to you, and until we discuss your case with you, it is difficult to extrapolate the cost of your litigation beforehand.

A hernia mesh lawsuit is going to be settled for you, based on the merits of your hernia mesh claim for personal injuries. You can start the process to gathering your documentation and discussing your claim with us, when you give us a call today regarding your personal injury claim. It is easy to make the initial call to us, because we understand that you are still probably healing from your original hernia mesh procedure. As you finish the healing process, we are in the best position to help you begin the process to start your hernia mesh claim. You don’t have to wait until you are completely healed from your hernia mesh surgical procedure, to start a lawsuit on that claim. We are here for you, and we can go over the next steps when you want to initiate a lawsuit because of negligence related to how your surgical mesh procedure was handled, completed or failed.

Is My Los Angeles Mesh Lawsuit a Class Action or Individual Lawsuit?

A hernia mesh lawsuit in Los Angeles can be either filed as a class action or as an individual lawsuit. There are advantages and disadvantages of filing as a class action, which will be reviewed here. You are free to make the best decision for your specific situation, as to whether you want to join a class action or initiate an individual lawsuit for your hernia mesh personal injury claim.

The best decisions are made when you are fully informed, and you can keep reading for more information on the differences between a class action and individual lawsuit for damages and losses related to a defective hernia mesh surgical procedure gone wrong.

Defective Design Los Angeles Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Get You the Recovery Money You Need Now

Hernia mesh lawsuits are initiated to help you to recover the compensation necessary to help you to properly and fully heal, from a hernia mesh that is improperly implanted in your body. Once you have had a hernia operation, the assumption is that it will fix and mend the hernia and you will be automatically good to go. But life doesn’t always go to plan, and oftentimes a hernia mesh is defective, leaving you with more complications than ever before, as related to your original hernia mesh surgical procedure.

A hernia mesh product can be defective in small ways or in large components, which means that when it is surgically implanted into you, it will act improperly to not provide the surgical need that you have to resolve your hernia. You can develop a serious infection, adhesion to other organs or any number of other complications that will prolong your recovery time from days to weeks or even months longer as a result of these issues.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

If you have had a hernia mesh surgical procedure that went awry, then you know that you are not out of the woods just because you are out of the operating room. There is a high likelihood that even after your surgery is complete, that the hernia mesh did not “take” or properly become implanted where it was meant to go. You could be up for a second surgical procedure, to manage the damage of an improperly implanted hernia mesh.

Additionally, if your hernia mesh was one that was defective in some way, and may need to be removed if it caused more harm in your body than good from being implanted into your internal cavities. It can take some time and many days of healing, to determine if your hernia mesh procedure is going to be truly successful to fix your hernia without other issues involved in the healing process.

Gore Medical’s DualMesh Hernia Repair Mesh

There are some lawsuits beginning for the Gore Medical DualMesh hernia repair mesh and Walch Law is the Los Angeles hernia mesh law firm you want helping you. If you have been injured from a Gore Medical hernia mesh, you should consider joining a hernial mesh lawsuit. The Gore Medical DualMesh is a biomaterial hernial mesh product, that was made from polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). You’ve known ePTFE as the polymer with high strength, used in your non-stick cookware, but the type used in a hernia mesh is the expanded kind that can be used for hernia surgical repairs. The compound ePTFE is considered to be superior to stop the adhesion formation in the human body after the surgical procedure, but it is not as good at encouraging host tissue to grow in the same regions of the body after a surgery using this material.

The GORE® DUALMESH® product was manufactured to be of a pliable material that is able to be easily used with hernia and reconstruction surgeries of soft tissue injuries. It was meant to be useful as an absorbable mesh, but it can come with series of high-level risks, including:

Genzyme Biological

Hernia mesh products have produced issues for people who have had them implanted to repair their hernias. An infection can form in the areas around a hernia mesh product in a short amount of time after the surgical procedure. In some patients, there have been severe complications within a few days, months or even years after the surgery to repair the hernia with a hernia mesh product. If you have developed a mesh-related infection, then you will be susceptible to also developing serious microorganisms that are commonly associated with this type of mesh, including:

  • Staphylococcus aureus
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