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ABC 7 News reports that Christopher Morales and Desmond Franklin were killed when the driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee ran a red light and slammed into their car. The two friends were out for an early birthday celebration for Morales who would have turned 26 a few days later.

Morales and Franklin were both passengers in a car driven by Morales’ girlfriend, who was injured in the Riverside car accident. The friends were driving in Riverside near the 60 Freeway, when the Jeep driver ran the red light causing the fatal accident. The Jeep driver got out of his car and fled the scene.

However, a few hours later police arrested Eric Figueroa-Reyes while he was at the hospital seeking medical attention for a broken knee-cap he sustained in the crash. While Riverside police are still investigating what exactly caused Reyes to run the red light, he will likely face criminal charges for hit and run.   Continue Reading

A woman was killed at the Variel Apartments in Canoga Park after she was struck by a hit and run driver. The incident occurred earlier this month when, according to the Los Angeles Daily News, there was some type of altercation, followed by the car striking the woman and then driving away from the scene.

The woman who was killed in the Canoga Park hit and run was Guadalupe Garcia, who is a 35 year old mother and wife. Los Angeles police have not yet found or identified the driver of the hit and run vehicle that killed Guadalupe Garcia. The Canoga Park wrongful death incident apparently occurred in an alley way in the apartment complex.  Continue Reading

The Intersection of Del Amo and Hawthorne boulevards in Torrance, California was the scene of a significant car accident. According to Eyewitness News, five cars were involved in a hit-and-run crash in the area of this intersection. It occurred in the mid-morning hours on Tuesday the 14th of November. One individual died at the scene of the automobile accident while another person was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries resulting from the crash. The accident was major enough to cause the intersection of these two roads to be shut down while police investigate.

While the actual cause of the wreck is still being determined by an investigation by the police, sources have confirmed that the investigation is looking at this accident as a collision caused by a hit-and-run driver. There are currently two people in custody following this crash, and more information should be released as investigators continue to connect the dots.  The hit and run driver potentially faces criminal charges as well as a Torrance wrongful death claim.

Fault and Hit-and-Run Accidents

Recently, a vehicle struck two pedestrians on Foothill Boulevard in Rialto and kept going. One woman passed away from her injuries at the hospital, while the other is currently in critical condition. Police found what they believe is the subject vehicle at an apartment complex located on Beachwood Street. The car they found had damage to the front of the car. Police are still processing this case, and looking for the suspect that was driving the car at the time of the accident.  We hope that the drive of the vehicle is located, so that he or she can be charged criminally for the hit and run, but also held responsible for the wrongful death and other personal injuries that were caused.

Penalties of Hit-and-Run Accidents

A hit-and-run accident can turn an everyday accident into a criminal investigation. Whenever you are involved in a car crash, you have a legal responsibility to stop at the scene.

The daughter of our friend and client was seriously injured in a car accident on the 10 freeway, also known as the San Bernardino Freeway, on Christmas morning. The accident happened at about 7:30am on December 25, 2014, when a sports utility vehicle ran the other vehicle off the road and into the center divider of the freeway.
The driver of the SUV did not stop to render aid or identify him/herself at the scene of the crash and thus far has not been located. We ask that if you or anyone you know witnessed this accident on the San Bernardino Freeway that you please either contact the California Highway Patrol at 1-800-TELLCHP or our personal injury law office toll free at 1-866-465-8792.

The driver of the 1998 Nissan Sentra suffered very serious injuries when her vehicle was ran into the center divider and she needs all the help you can give. If you have any information on this accident on the 10 freeway, especially a license plate number or any identifying information on the driver of the SUV, please call the CHP or our office right away.

A beautiful young bobcat was tragically struck by a hit and run car on Old Topanga Canyon Road in Calabasas, California, on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, at about 8:20 a.m.
The bobcat was crossing the street when a white car, traveling in a general northbound direction at a good rate of speed, hit the bobcat, knocking it near the center turning lane. Even though the impact made such a loud noise that a guard in an enclosed guardhouse across the street heard it, the driver of the white car never stopped.

It is unknown if the driver of the white car actually knew it hit an animal, as the driver never stopped to see what had occurred.

A member of our law office witnessed this incident, saw that the bobcat was badly injured and immediately asked the guard to call Animal Control. The guard first thoughtfully put a large red warning cone in front of the injured bobcat to prevent it from being struck again or causing an accident, then immediately called Animal Control. Shortly thereafter, the bobcat died and was moved out of the street. While extremely sad that the bobcat died, we are relieved to know that it passed shortly after the collision occurred, thereby minimizing its time in pain. Animal Control, after being advised the bobcat died, did not arrive for several hours.

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Police have not yet apprehended the motorist who struck a pedestrian in a Los Angeles wrongful death pedestrian accident on Sunday. According to the Los Angeles Times, a man was crossing the street, in a crosswalk, at the intersection of Normandie Ave. and W. 5th Street, in Koreatown, when he was hit by a car making a right turn. The driver of the vehicle involved in the Los Angeles pedestrian accident was going east on W. 5th Street, turning onto Normandie, when he struck the man crossing the street.

The suspect in the Los Angeles hit and run accident then left the scene without providing aid and without identifying him or herself. Police said the pedestrian was deceased at the time first responders arrived at the scene of the Koreatown accident.

Anyone with information as to the car or driver of the vehicle, no matter how insignificant the information may seem, should call the Los Angeles Police Department and give the information to investigators. Oftentimes small tips add up to enough information to locate the suspect.

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According to the Ventura County Star, volunteers are searching for the driver of a hit and run vehicle that collided with three young girls in a tragic Oxnard pedestrian accident. Apparently, on February 4th, three young girls were walking on a bicycle path when a vehicle, which is believed to be a silver Toyota Camry, traveling on Victoria Avenue, near the intersection with Santa Monica Drive, struck all three girls.

One of the girls, only six years old, suffered serious injuries in the Oxnard accident and was taken to Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. The girl’s mother, Joel Aronson, said that her daughter suffered a serious head injury, as well as injuries to her femur, spine, neck and chest.

Volunteers have been distributing fliers around the neighborhood, including at car repair shops, to see if anyone has any information that could lead to locating the driver of the hit and run car that injured the three girls. The California Highway Patrol has also requested that anyone with information on the driver or owner of the vehicle contact the Ventura office at 805-477-4100.

The two other girls who were hit by the car in Oxnard, also suffered injuries, but they are not believed to be as serious. Head and brain injury accidents are very serious and much medical care will be needed for this severely injured girl. Sometimes a brain injury can have lasting effects that can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

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A pedestrian accident in Fontana, involving a hit and run driver striking a pedestrian, has resulted in the wrongful death of a Fontana man. According to the Los Angeles Times, a sixty-one year old man was crossing the street near the Fontana Gardens apartment complex when he was hit by a car. The driver of the car did not stop and dragged the man one hundred and fifty feet before stopping, which released the man from the car. The driver then left the scene of the collision.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the car involved in the hit and run pedestrian collision was a Lincoln Navigator, which was champagne colored. The victim passed away due to his injuries from the Fontana pedestrian accident. Anyone who has any information about the driver or owner of the vehicle involved should immediately contact the CHP.

Unfortunately, we see many serious hit and run accidents throughout California, many involving pedestrians who suffer serious injuries. Many drivers think that they will not get caught after causing such accidents. It is important to remember that it is illegal to leave the scene of a car accident without exchanging information with the other people involved.

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This morning the driver of a sports utility vehicle was arrested after he crashed into a home in a South Los Angeles accident. The car accident in South Los Angeles occurred before 8:00 a.m. and the driver allegedly tried to run away from the scene. According to the Los Angeles Times, the driver tried to use a skateboard as a weapon to fend off the witnesses who had tried to chase after him after the South Los Angeles car accident.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, there was an injury to a pedestrian, who had to be taken to the hospital. How those injuries occurred or the severity of the injuries to the pedestrian are unknown at this time. It is possible that the pedestrian was struck by the SUV before it collided with the house.

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