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Hit and Run Accident Causes Los Angeles Wrongful Death

Police have not yet apprehended the motorist who struck a pedestrian in a Los Angeles wrongful death pedestrian accident on Sunday. According to the Los Angeles Times, a man was crossing the street, in a crosswalk, at the intersection of Normandie Ave. and W. 5th Street, in Koreatown, when he was hit by a car making a right turn. The driver of the vehicle involved in the Los Angeles pedestrian accident was going east on W. 5th Street, turning onto Normandie, when he struck the man crossing the street.

The suspect in the Los Angeles hit and run accident then left the scene without providing aid and without identifying him or herself. Police said the pedestrian was deceased at the time first responders arrived at the scene of the Koreatown accident.

Anyone with information as to the car or driver of the vehicle, no matter how insignificant the information may seem, should call the Los Angeles Police Department and give the information to investigators. Oftentimes small tips add up to enough information to locate the suspect.

If the hit and run driver is located, the family of the victim may pursue a Los Angeles wrongful death claim against him or her. This would be in addition to the criminal charges this person will be facing. If the suspect is not located, the victim’s family may still be able to get wrongful death damages if the victim was covered by uninsured motorist coverage. In that scenario, the uninsured motorist insurance would take the place of the responsible party, and be responsible for the wrongful death damages.

In either case, the victim’s family should contact a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer to help investigate the pedestrian accident and help determine if there are wrongful death damages available. Our Los Angeles accident lawyers have been helping the families of wrongful death victim’s for over 30 years.

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