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Not Every California Personal Injury Lawyer is the Same

If you are involved in a serious injury accident in California, or you have a relative that suffers a wrongful death due to someone else’s negligence, you need a personal injury and wrongful death lawyer that you can really trust, not a lawyer from a billboard or radio or television commercial.  This is a common mistake made by  many people who may never have hired a lawyer before and do not know what exactly to look for.

If you are hiring a law firm for your very important personal injury or wrongful death case, see if you can talk to the lawyer who will be representing you and your family. If you cannot talk to the lawyer and only get to speak with a receptionist, or if the lawyer sends an “investigator” to your home or hospital to try to pressure you into signing with them, then you should not hire that law firm.

Make sure you read everything that a law firm sends you when you are considering hiring that law firm. Our firm has an easy and simple to understand one page Retainer Agreement. We try to make everything as easy as possible for our clients in their difficult time.  Some firms have five or ten page retainer agreements, which may not be a bad thing by itself, but it is a bad thing if they are using the multiple pages to sneak in terms that are not beneficial to the client. Many of the firms that advertise heavily do not care as much about having happy clients at the end of the case, so they will sneak things into their agreements to use against the clients. Oftentimes the clients won’t realize those terms are in their agreement until after they have settled.  Do not fall for this. Read the entire contract. If you have a question about anything in our contract, ask us, we will happily explain it to you.

You should also Google the name of the attorney you are hiring and see what comes up. Because some attorneys pay for reviews and have lots of fake reviews, you cannot always trust what you find, but it is a good start. If the attorney has bad reviews or bad articles written about them, make sure you read them and find out why. You need an attorney and law firm that you trust, not a law firm with a catchy jingle. Many of the law firms with jingles have attorneys that do not work hands on and instead focus on advertising to try to get the next client.

We are a family owned law firm and we care about every client we have. We will always do our best for our clients to get them the best personal injury result possible. That is how we’ve obtained millions of dollars for our clients and we help our clients throughout the entire process. You can safely trust us with your serious injury and wrongful death case.

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