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Call Our Experienced Lawyers if you have an Accident

If you are involved in an injury accident in California, you may not know what to do. It could be your first accident and you may have never spoken with an attorney in your life. We understand. We hear many times from our California personal injury and wrongful death clients that it is the first time they have ever had to hire an attorney. Some people think that hiring an attorney makes them litigious. It does not! If you are not at fault in the accident, you are the victim, you have a right to an attorney to make sure that the insurance companies do not take advantage of you. You deserve to be treated fairly and you deserve fair compensation for your injuries, loss of earnings, diminished value of your vehicle, pain, suffering, etc.

Do not wait to call us. Many former clients know to call us from the scene of their accident. We can help right away. You may think you are doing the right thing, but without speaking with an experienced California personal injury lawyer, you may be making some hidden mistakes. For example, sometimes people don’t call 911 because the other party convinces them not to. If you are injured in an accident that is not your fault, you should call 911 and request the police come to the scene. You need a police report because sometimes the other party may change their story later on, even if they admit fault at the scene. If your injuries warrant it, you should also request paramedics respond. Sometimes 911 operators may ask you if anything is broken or if you are bleeding, and if you say no, they may not send paramedics. It is your responsibility to let them know that you need paramedics. For example, you may have a concussion, which is a traumatic brain injury, which needs to be examined and treated right away.

If there are any witnesses to your accident, get their information (at a minimum their name, phone number and email address) so we can contact them later and get a written statement from them. Even if you don’t think you will need the witness, do it anyway. Before you talk to the police and give your statement at the scene, call our experienced lawyers and tell us what happened. We can help you! There is no cost for this type of consultation.

Having a California personal injury and wrongful death lawyer you can trust on your side is priceless. We frequently represent repeat clients who need our assistance and know that they can trust us to help them with all of their needs. You can trust us as well.

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