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Recent Result: Policy Limits for Beverly Hills Car Accident

Our California personal injury law firm has been handling serious injury and wrongful death cases for over 45 years. We have gotten many results over $1,000,000.00 for our clients and have helped thousands of injury victims and the families of wrongful death victims get the justice that they deserve. Sometimes it is not always the biggest results that make us happy, but the particularly good results.

Recently, our client was driving in Beverly Hills when she was t-boned by another vehicle. Her side airbags went off and she suffered numerous injuries. The insurance company for the other driver made things difficult and we had to file a lawsuit. Fortunately, the Beverly Hills car accident was caught on video and the video shows that the other party ran the red light!

By fighting for our client in litigation, the insurance company for the other party offered its policy limits of $50,000.00.  Of course we have many higher settlement amounts, but when we get the full policy limits from the other party’s insurance, it always feels nice.  Fortunately, on this particular case, our client has $100,000.00 in uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage. In California, that means that our client’s own insurance gets a write off for the $50,000.00 that is obtained from the other party and that $50,000.00 additional underinsured motorist money is available for our client. Accordingly, a total of $100,000.00 will be the maximum gross obtainable settlement on this case.

Sometimes, in this situation, our client will ask us if going after their underinsured motorist coverage will impact their insurance rates. In California, it is illegal for insurance companies to raise the rates of their insureds due to an accident that is not their insured’s fault. Since the accident is on video and shows the other party ran the red light and was 100% at fault, this claim will not result in an increase in insurance rates for our client.

If you would like to see some of our other verdicts and settlements, click here for our Verdicts and Settlements webpage. Of course, past results do not guarantee future results, but when you have experienced attorneys that you trust, it goes a long way towards getting the best result on your individual case. We always offer a free consultation and we can handle any personal injury or wrongful death case in California.

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