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1 Seriously Injured in Los Angeles Multi-car and Big Rig Crash

A multi-vehicle car crash that involved a large Big Rig truck, left each of the driver’s with minor injuries, and one driver in critical condition. The crash occurred on Olympic Boulevard in the Boyle Heights neighborhood. From the photos of the incident, provided by ABC 7 News, the Big Rig over turned blocking the entire street. The photos show the truck completely on its side with two cars smashed into the trailer and one other car hit by the front of the truck.

Two of the people involved in the accident were trapped inside their cars. The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the scene and set to work extracting the victims. One of the extracted victims was in critical condition and was rushed to a nearby hospital. The other drivers were evaluated at the scene for minor injuries.

As of right now, no other information about the crash has been released. Investigators are looking into what caused the crash and what, specifically, caused the semi-truck to tip completely on its side.

If you are injured in a Los Angeles accident involving multiple cars and a big rig, you should reach out to an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney right away. When you are injured in an accident and you did not cause the accident, you can be compensated for your injuries by bringing a personal injury claim against the party that was responsible for your injuries. However, when the accident involves multiple cars, especially a big rig, determining who is at fault and who is responsible for compensating you for your injuries can get tricky.

If one of the car drivers was responsible for causing the accident, either through negligent or intentional reckless behavior (such as texting while driving or drunk driving) that person will be responsible for all the injuries caused by the accident. The costs will likely be covered by their personal insurance company. If, however, the driver of the big rig truck was negligent and caused the accident, a personal injury claim can be brought against the insurance for the truck. Typically, big rig trucks will carry a commercial liability insurance coverage, so there is more coverage than most individuals have for their personal vehicles. This is one reason why it is so important to determine who caused the accident—an experienced personal injury attorney can assist in a proper investigation to determine fault and then assist you in bringing your claim against the correct party.

A multi-vehicle accident, especially one involving a big rig, always presents a variety of complicated issues. These issues should be discussed with an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident caused by a truck, contact Walch Law today. We have been handling truck accident injury cases throughout California, including San Bernardino, Simi Valley, Los Angeles and Riverside for over 30 years and would be happy to listen to the facts of your case in a free consultation. Fill out our online form or contact us by phone at 866-465-8792 today.

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