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Storms Bring Snow to California Mountains – Tips for Driving in Snow

Over the past few weeks the Southern California mountains have been hit by several winter storms. According to CBS 8, “The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory above 5,000 feet for the San Diego mountains.” While this is good news for ski resorts, the advisory states that drivers should expect slick road conditions.

From Mount Laguna to the San Bernardino and Riverside County mountains, the latest storms have brought 4-12 inches of snow. With all this snow, the National Weather Service is concerned about the impact it could have on Interstate 5. While traveling to the snow can be fun for recreational activities, it can be particularly dangerous for drivers, especially if you are unprepared. Because snow isn’t a typical part of Southern California life, if you plan to travel to or through snowy areas, make sure to use caution to avoid a Southern California car accident.

Although driving in snow can be dangerous, there are certain tips you can follow to stay safer even in icy and snowy conditions. To avoid a snow-related car collision be sure to:

  • Take time to check your car—Make sure you have good brakes, your tires are in good condition, and your windshield wipers function properly.
  • Avoid following other cars too closely and begin stopping sooner than you would in normal conditions—this can help you avoid rear-ending another car or sliding through a stop sign.
  • Know what to do if you hit black ice—if your car hits unseen ice and starts to skid, try to remain calm. Avoid slamming on the brakes. Instead, try and keep the steering wheel straight. If the back end of the car begins to travel to the left or right, slightly turn your steering wheel in the same direction.
  • Give yourself extra travel time when driving in snowy conditions—leave a little earlier when heading out into snowy or icy conditions, doing so will help you avoid the urge to speed on dangerous roads.
  • Check ahead to see if getting to your destination will require certain equipment like snow chains—this is especially important if you are planning a trip that requires traveling through the mountains, or if you are heading up to a ski resort.

Driving in the snow can be scary, but if you follow the above suggestions it will help you stay safe on snowy roads. If your winter plans include driving in snowy areas, do so with caution. However, if you are injured in a snow-related accident, reach out to an experienced Southern California personal injury attorney right away. Even if snow contributes to a car accident, the driver is still responsible for the injuries they cause if they are at fault—for example, if they were driving too fast in snowy conditions, or fail to leave adequate time to stop in icy conditions and cause an accident.

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