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Debunking Personal Injury Myths – Part Two

This is the second installment of a multi part series about the myths that many people think about the field of personal injury, including personal injury lawyers, personal injury cases and personal injury clients.

Myth two: Personal injury clients fake their injuries so they can get money and this causes insurance rates to go up for everyone.

This is a big myth that unfortunately is believed by many people. This is a myth that has been perpetuated by big corporations and the insurance industry, and then spread by a media industry that sensationalizes stories for more viewers. Why do they perpetuate this myth? Because they don’t want to be held accountable for their negligence. Big corporations and insurance companies care about making money and increasing their stock price. They do not want to be sued when their negligence causes serious injuries or deaths to others.

How do they work on obtaining that goal? They convince people that personal injury clients are faking their injuries, so they do not deserve to be fairly compensated for their injuries, or the family of a wrongful death victim does not deserve fair compensation for their wrongful death damages. One method is that they will find one lawsuit or story that looks frivolous, like a video where someone pretends to fall at work, and show the same thing over and over again, so people think that there is an epidemic of frivolous law suits.

Many people still believe all the lies they were told about the McDonald’s coffee burn case. If you want to know the real story about that, click here.

This myth causes people to believe that laws need to be made to protect them from personal injury cases, or cause jurors to believe they are in court because of a frivolous lawsuit. These claims are false and must be addressed.

In fact, most cases are legitimate cases, where people have legitimate injuries that were caused by another. These people deserve to be able to obtain medical care for their injuries so they can get better. They deserve fair compensation for their injuries or wrongful death damages. They may have loss of earnings or other types of damages and they deserve fair compensation for those losses that were caused by another’s negligence.

Also, personal injury claims are not the driver of your insurance rates. If you watch television, look at the insurance advertisements. They are advertising nonstop, with every celebrity imaginable. They will use the most expensive time slots, like the Super Bowl, to reach as many viewers as possible. The insurance companies are making billions of dollars and spending countless amounts so that you will pick one over another. It is not personal injury claims that are causing your rates to increase.

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