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6 people died today and others suffered serious injuries when an apartment balcony they were on collapsed. The apartment balcony collapse accident happened in Berkeley, California, and the victims appear to be Irish citizens in California on short term work visas (J-1).

According to, this tragic incident happened at the Library Gardens Apartment. In addition to the six people who were reportedly killed in this accident, at least another seven people have serious injuries for which they have been hospitalized.

It is not yet clear exactly what caused this balcony to collapse, but reports suggested the entire balcony tore away from the building, from the 4th floor. Berkeley police reported that the incident occurred between 12 and 1am this morning.

There are many legal ramifications for a tragic incident such as this one. First, the heirs of the wrongful death victims should file California wrongful death claims against the apartment complex. In addition, the severely injured guests or residents of the apartment may make personal injury claims against the apartment complex.

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A Winnetka pedestrian accident on Tuesday resulted in critical injuries to two pedestrians and car accident injuries to two other people. The accident occurred Tuesday afternoon in Winnetka, California. According to the Calabasas Patch, the accident happened in a multi vehicle collision on Winnetka Avenue near Roscoe Boulevard.

The pedestrians who suffered critical injuries when they were hit by a car were a 40 year old woman and a young girl only six years old. A man and woman also suffered injuries, apparently when at least two other cars collided. The man and woman were taken to a hospital and their condition was described as “fair.”

As of now, we do not have information as to who was at fault for this car crash and pedestrian accident in Winnetka. It is possible that a car may have struck the pedestrians and then the car was struck by another vehicle. It is also possible that one car stopped for the pedestrians and another car behind that car did not stop in time, rear ending the first car into the pedestrians. These are all types of accidents that we have seen and handled over the years in our personal injury law office.

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According to ESPN, former National Football League running back, Jahvid Best, who played for the Detroit Lions, has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the NFL, Riddell and Easton-Bell Sports, for the concussions that he sustained while playing football, which ended his professional football playing career.

It will be particularly interesting to see what information is gained through litigation against Riddell and Easton, who make the helmets that the NFL players wear. Have these companies been withholding relevant concussion information from consumers? Can football helmets be made in a way that, when used properly, including helmet to helmet hits (which are part of football), the players wearing the helmets do not suffer concussions? Is there a better helmet that could have been designed and used that is not being used so that teams can save money? Hopefully the litigation process will divulge this information.

It is understandable if some people see this lawsuit and do not believe the suit has merits. Some may argue that Mr. Best knew full well the risks of playing football before he agreed to be paid a lot of money to play. However, more and more information keeps emerging about the damages of a concussion. It is very important for people to remember that a concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and is a serious injury that cannot be taken lightly. If certain companies intentionally withheld safety information, including the damaging effects of concussions, from users of the products the companies manufactured, or if the league did not disclose the risks and dangers of concussions to its players, we can understand why there would be personal injury liability on those parties.

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A pedestrian accident in San Francisco, involving an Uber driver, has resulted in the death of a young girl and caused serious injuries to her brother and mother. According to TechCrunch, an Uber SUV driver collided with the family as they were walking in a crosswalk. Apparently, the driver was not in the process of transporting an Uber rider, so Uber’s liability insurance may not apply to cover the California wrongful death damages.

This Uber car accident brings up many important legal issues that may not be addressed under current California law. Normally, with a common carrier, such as a taxi, there is a commercial insurance policy in place covering the taxi. The policy will cover the taxi if it causes an accident while transporting people or not. However, with Uber, the company may claim that its drivers are not working for Uber unless they actually are transporting the Uber customer(s) at the time of the crash. Uber’s argument would be strengthened by the fact that Uber does not own the vehicle and the driver is free to do his/her own thing when not transporting an Uber rider.

Victim’s rights advocates, like California personal injury lawyers, may make the argument that if the driver is available to Uber or in the process of picking someone up for Uber, that he/she is working for Uber and Uber’s insurance should apply to cover the damages caused by the accident.

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A train accident on July 24th in northwestern Spain resulted in the death of 80 people and many train accident injuries. According to the Los Angeles Times, the driver of the train, Francisco Garzon, was going too fast for the conditions, as he had to go around a curve. Garzon, who was going approximately twice the speed limit, apparently did not see that there was a curve coming.
Garzon has been charged with reckless homicide for the train passenger deaths. In addition to the wrongful death train accident victims, many passengers were taken to the hospital with very serious train accident injuries. We wish a speedy recovery to these victims of this tragic train crash.

Unfortunately, we see many train accidents happening around the world. Many get reported, but most train accident injuries are less severe and do not make international news. Many people around the world, including in Los Angeles, have been injured by metro, subway and other trains. These train accident injuries range from relatively minor falls, sometimes caused by a rapid acceleration of the train, or more serious incidents involving loss of life.

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A Pico Rivera car accident last night has resulted in the death of a man and two children, who were thrown from the car after the head on collision. According to the Los Angeles Times, the car accident in Pico Rivera apparently happened when the man, who was driving a Honda home from a party, went into the southbound lanes of San Gabriel Parkway, colliding head on with another vehicle.

The Honda was also carrying a woman and another child. Both of them were listed in critical condition from the serious injuries they suffered in this car accident. The other vehicle, a Nissan, had two female occupants. They were both taken to the hospital and their injuries were listed as serious.

The cause of this Pico Rivera accident has not yet been determined by police. Often, in night time accidents where a car goes into the other lane of traffic, alcohol or other intoxicating substances are involved and play a part in causing the crash. However, there are plenty of other scenarios that may have occurred. For example, there may have been a hazard in the roadway that caused the driver to swerve into oncoming traffic.

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A 19 car accident in Antelope Valley, involving a big rig truck, has caused serious injuries to some of the occupants of the vehicles and major travel delays and closures on the 14 freeway near Acton, California. The Los Angeles Fire Department has reported that 17 people were injured in the Antelope Valley car accident, including two people who suffered serious critical injuries.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the LAFD reported that seven ambulances and 50 firefighters were sent to the scene of the Antelope Valley accident on the 14 freeway. According to the California Highway Patrol, as a result of the 19 vehicle pileup, all of the southbound lanes of the 14 freeway were closed, as well as two of the northbound lanes.

According to Fox 11 News, the Antelope Valley crash occurred at around 9:40am, north of Escondido Canyon Road, in Agua Dulce. The Agua Dulce accident involved a big rig truck that was hauling sand or dirt. It is unclear at this time if the big rig truck caused this collision. An extensive investigation is currently ongoing to determine what caused the Antelope Valley truck accident.

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New information has emerged in the Hemet High School accident that occurred yesterday. According to The Press-Enterprise, there are claims that a mechanical problem in the 1994 Ford Ranger pick-up truck may have contributed to or caused this Hemet pedestrian accident.

The California Highway Patrol’s Major Accident Investigation unit will be thoroughly examining the vehicle to determine if in fact there was a mechanical defect that caused this horrific accident. The driver of the vehicle involved, Daniel Carrillo, who is 18 years old, reportedly claimed that his breaks failed, causing him to run the red light and strike and run over students in the crosswalk.

According to investigators, about 30 students were crossing in the crosswalk when the vehicle ran the red light, at a speed higher than the 25 mile per hour speed limit. Thankfully, the three students who were first reported to be in critical condition now have a good prognosis. Two students however remain in critical condition after suffering serious or catastrophic injuries.

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We are receiving early reports of a serious pedestrian accident in Hemet, California, earlier today. The car versus pedestrian accident apparently occurred outside Hemet High School, and ten students of the high school were injured when they were hit by a car. The Hemet car accident resulted in three of the students suffering critical injuries. All ten injured students were taken to local hospitals. Two other students reported minor injuries in the Hemet accident but did not require emergency transportation.

The Riverside County Fire Department and California Highway Patrol apparently responded to the Hemet High School accident, which occurred at approximately three o’clock this afternoon. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Hemet students were hit by the car near the front of the school, on Stetson Ave.

UPDATE: The Press-Enterprise is reporting that witnesses said that a Ford Ranger pick-up truck, driven by a student of the school, allegedly ran a red light and hit the students who were crossing the street in a crosswalk. Apparently the truck versus pedestrian accident was recorded on school cameras and the student was detained by the California Highway Patrol.

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A wrongful death car accident in Westminster occurred earlier today. A female passenger in one of the cars was killed in the Westminster crash. Two other people were seriously injured in the auto accident. The female passenger died at the scene of the accident and the other two injured people had to be extricated from a vehicle by firefighters.

According to the Los Angeles Times, one of the vehicles was traveling north on Hoover and the other car was going south. Police did not say if this was a head on collision, but under the circumstances this seems likely. The two critically injured people were taken to local trauma centers in Santa Ana and Irvine.

The Orange County car accident occurred near the intersection of Hoover St. and Hazard Ave., at about five o’clock in the afternoon. Police are investigating what caused this fatal Orange County crash. These types of collisions, possibly a head on collision, can be caused by one driver’s inattentiveness or by a distraction such as a cell phone. Sometimes a driver tries to avoid an obstacle in the road or another car and ends up swerving into opposing traffic.

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