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Riverside Grandmother Critically Injured By Alleged Street Racers in Crash

A car coming off of the 215 freeway in San Bernardino was hit by two cars that witnesses described as racing each other. A 62 year-old grandmother was in the backseat of the car when it was struck. Her injuries from this San Bernardino car accident are very serious and it is unknown if she will ever walk or talk again due to the injuries she sustained. She is currently being treated for a broken neck, severe internal injuries and traumatic brain injury.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the accident took place as the first car clipped the back end of the car that the grandmother was riding in. This caused the car to spin before it was struck by the second car allegedly involved in the illegal street racing.  This second hit caused the car to roll.  The first car fled the scene while the second car remained with those inside being injured themselves in the crash. The driver and passenger both were treated and released from the hospital, but no further information has been available about whether or not they’ll be facing charges.

California Laws and Street Racing

In California, if you try to find street racing laws you’ll be directed to laws that pertain to a speed contest. Speed contests are considered illegal and are punishable under the law. In fact, even people that are just spectators at an illegal speed contest can be given the same penalties as those participating in the racing.

What’s Considered a Speed Contest in California?

A speed contest is defined as racing one vehicle against another or even racing against a clock. It also includes drifting, drag racing, and any other speed exhibitions. The penalties for this crime can be rather severe although it’s a misdemeanor under California law. A first offense may earn the person one to 90 days in jail, a fine between $355 and $1000 dollars, 40 hours of community service, and even the restriction or suspension of their drivers’ license for a period of time between 90 days and six months. In addition, the vehicle used for racing may also be impounded by the arresting officer for a period of time up to 30 days.

People that are caught on additional instances of speed contests within five years of the first offense can receive additional penalties with a longer potential time in county jail, a bigger fine, and mandatory driver’s license suspension for six months. If any injuries occur, the penalties can be even harsher, and if the harm caused is serious enough, the fine can be up to 10,000 dollars and a sentence between 16 months to three years in jail.

What Does This Mean for the Victims of Illegal Street Racing?

You may be asking yourself what this means for the victims of an illegal street race? When you are injured in this matter you can and should file a personal injury lawsuit. The talented attorneys at Walch Law can help. We have helped thousands of clients recover much-needed compensation for their injuries and will work hard to get you the same great results. We look forward to speaking with you.

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