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Night Driving: How to Keep Yourself Safe

One of the most dangerous times to be on the California roadways is nighttime. There’s a number of reasons behind why the darkness makes it inherently more dangerous. Did you know that when it comes to fatal wrongful death accidents, almost half of them happen at night, even though there are fewer people on the roadways at this time? It’s unfortunately true.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you to be more aware of potential problems, and make you feel more confident about night driving.

  • Seatbelt: Too many people still ignore the need for their seatbelt. Your seatbelt is one of the first lines of defense against injuries and fatalities that can happen from a car accident. No matter the time of day or night, taking the step to buckle up your seatbelt can save your life.
  • Headlights: One of the biggest functions of the lights in and on your car is to help you drive safely. Your headlights illuminate what’s in front of your car when you are driving at night or in darkened conditions, such as a rainstorm, and let other cars know where you are on the road.  Having problems with your lights outside your car may mean that you cannot see the road completely or that other cars cannot see you. Your dashboard lights let you see the instrument panel at nighttime to know your speed and other information. Keeping your dash illumination at the dimmest setting possible makes it possible for you to see the information while not impairing your night vision.
  • Animals: Another big concern that is more prevalent at night are those variables that you cannot control, such as wildlife. Several species of animals are more active at night, and that means that they can be on the roadways. It can be helpful to look for the reflection of eyes that’ll appear as dots in the road in front of you. Then, start to slow down as much as possible without causing an accident with any of the drivers behind you that may not be paying as close as attention as you happen to be.  The best way to avoid colliding with an animal is to drive slowly in the first place.

Accidents happen all the time no matter how cautious you happen to be as a driver. At Walch Law, we are here to help you with your car accident needs. We have the experience and success record you want fighting for you. Do not hesitate to contact us today regarding your case.

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