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3 People Killed in Tragic Pico Rivera Car Accident

A Pico Rivera car accident last night has resulted in the death of a man and two children, who were thrown from the car after the head on collision. According to the Los Angeles Times, the car accident in Pico Rivera apparently happened when the man, who was driving a Honda home from a party, went into the southbound lanes of San Gabriel Parkway, colliding head on with another vehicle.

The Honda was also carrying a woman and another child. Both of them were listed in critical condition from the serious injuries they suffered in this car accident. The other vehicle, a Nissan, had two female occupants. They were both taken to the hospital and their injuries were listed as serious.

The cause of this Pico Rivera accident has not yet been determined by police. Often, in night time accidents where a car goes into the other lane of traffic, alcohol or other intoxicating substances are involved and play a part in causing the crash. However, there are plenty of other scenarios that may have occurred. For example, there may have been a hazard in the roadway that caused the driver to swerve into oncoming traffic.

In cases where a road hazard leads to a collision, it is important to find the cause of the hazard, as sometimes there is a person or company that negligently caused the hazard to be there. In such instances, there may be legal liability for negligence. This can be very difficult to prove and often it is necessary to hire a Pico Rivera car accident lawyer who can help investigate the cause of the crash and hold all negligent parties responsible.

Anyone injured in a Pico Rivera car crash should call our office to speak with an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer who can help you get the monetary recovery you deserve, including for your medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of earnings and loss of enjoyment of life activities. In the case of an accident resulting in a Los Angeles wrongful death, our lawyers can help recover the wrongful death damages that the heirs of the victim deserve.

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