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California Medical Malpractice – Unfair Limits on Pain and Suffering

In 1975, the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (“MICRA”) was set into law in California. This law unfairly limits the amount of money that a victim of medical malpractice can receive for his or her pain and suffering to only $250,000. This amount has not gone up with inflation in 38 years and is the limit regardless of how severe the injury and malpractice. For example, if a doctor were to negligently remove the wrong leg of a patient, the pain and suffering of the crippled patient is limited to the same $250,000.

For the protection of California’s citizens, this law obviously needs to be changed. We urge our readers to vote in the poll on the website for the Los Angeles Business Journal, by clicking here. The poll is on the bottom right of the page, and we urge a “yes” vote, that the limit on California medical malpractice is unfair and far too low. As of the time of publishing this blog post, 92% of the votes in the poll favor raising the unfair limit on pain and suffering damages.

For more information on California’s unfair medical malpractice law, please visit the MICRA website for the Consumer Attorneys Association of California, by clicking here.

Anyone who has suffered serious harm as a result of the negligence of a doctor or medical practitioner should call our California injury lawyers for a free consultation with a California personal injury lawyer. Please also be aware that there are different statute of limitations (time limit) rules for cases involving medical malpractice, so victims should call the medical malpractice lawyer right away.

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