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Newbury Park Wildfire Threatens Homes

The “Springs Fire,” which has now burned over 10,000 acres, is threatening about 4,000 homes in Newbury Park California. The California brush fire has caused damage to at least 15 homes and other properties so far. As of now, the Newbury Park fire has not been contained and many residents have had to evacuate their homes.

Fortunately, no incidents of injury or death, to residents or firefighters, have been reported. As always, with a fire as massive as this one, the risk of fire and burn injuries is significant. Adding to the danger is the fact that the Santa Ana winds have been blowing particularly strong this week. Further, the lack of rain in the Los Angeles area this year heightens the risk of brush fires and makes it easier for the fire to spread.

According to CNN, the California fire started on Thursday morning in Camarillo, California, and traveled all the way to Pacific Coast Highway. Due to the fire, a 10 mile area of PCH was closed, just north of Malibu.

As of now, the cause of the Newbury Park brush fire remains unknown. Sometimes these fires are caused by arson, in which case the arsonist, if caught, can face serious criminal charges, including murder if any deaths result from the fire. If caught, the arsonist would also face civil liability for the fire damage caused to property.

This is a reminder to all California residents to make sure their homeowners insurance coverage is up to date and to make sure they are covered in case of fire damage. If your home is damaged or destroyed in a fire, you may have trouble recovering the full value of your lost property from your homeowners’ insurance. If you are having such a problem, and you believe your insurance company is treating you unfairly, you may call our office for a free consultation with a fire damage lawyer, who can help you recover the fair value of your lost property. If your insurance company wrongfully denies your fire damage claim, causes unnecessary delays, or offers unfair amounts of money, you may be able to make a fire insurance bad faith claim. If you believe your insurance company is treating you unfairly, call our insurance lawyers for a free consultation.

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