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Police Looking for Suspect in Beverly Hills Bicycle Crash

The Beverly Hills Police Department is looking for the suspect in a hit and run Beverly Hills car versus bicycle collision. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Beverly Hills bicycle crash occurred after a confrontation between the bicycle rider and the driver of a white 3 Series BMW. The bicyclist apparently punched the driver in the face prior to the bicycle crash.

The driver of the BMW then allegedly threatened to kill the bicyclist and crashed into him in an alley behind a restaurant. The car crushed the bicyclist against a steel trash bin, causing bicycle collision injuries to the bicyclist. The bicyclist was taken to the hospital for his injuries, but they were not life threatening.

Surveillance footage of the Beverly Hills bicycle collision can be found by clicking here, courtesy of the L.A. Times. The video shows the BMW swerving to the left, apparently to intentionally collide with the bicyclist, before driving off. The Beverly Hills auto v. bicycle collision occurred on April 3rd, 2013, but police still have not located the driver of the BMW.

There are many interesting legal issues here. If the motorist is identified, a claim will be made against him for the injuries to the bicyclist. If the action by the motorist is deemed intentional, his auto insurance may not cover him for the injuries to the bicyclist. The motorist may also face criminal charges for his actions, including assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

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