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Yesterday afternoon, Monday, April 15, 2013, two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon, reportedly killing three and injuring more than 170. Some of those injured are critical, many reportedly losing limbs and suffering shrapnel and other serious injuries.

With over half a million present and twenty thousand runners from over 100 nations, the casualties certainly could have been far greater, but that is no comfort to those tragically affected by this horrific act of terrorism. Those responsible have not been arrested or identified, and presently there is no information whether those responsible are foreign or domestic. Regardless, this act, the first apparent successful act of terrorism against a city in the United States since Sept 11th, is one committed by cowards against innocent, defenseless people participating in what was to be a wonderful day of excitement, exercise and celebration.

Initially a 15 block area was closed off to assist investigators with the crime scene and this morning the Police Commissioner announced it has already been reduced to 12 blocks, with further reductions planned. Although the crime scene area is closed off, city official have stated there is a heavy police presence at public areas, such as Logan Airport, where traffic had been suspended, and city subway stations, and urged the public to come into Boston.

The FBI is heading this investigation, working closely with the police (both city and state) and ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) to ascertain all facts to bring those responsible to justice. As part of this investigation, the authorities are gathering all surveillance footage, not just from government cameras but also from all local businesses and the public at large. The authorities have requested that everyone who took any videos and photographs, both before and after the bombs exploded, to time and date them and then provide them to the authorities who have promised to view them frame by frame. The Boston area where the explosions occurred, near Copley Square, is reportedly one of the most surveilled areas in the world and the authorities hope review of these videos and photos will assist in their investigation.

Our Los Angeles personal injury law office staff has relatives who reside within blocks of where the bombs exploded, who later described a heavy armed police and military (presumably National Guard) presence. These relatives, most fortunately, were not injured in the blasts; and our thoughts and prayers are extended to those injured, their families and, of course, the families of the three who lost their lives.

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