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Lakers’ Player’s Bentley Totaled in Los Angeles Car Accident

Jordan Hill, a forward on the Los Angeles Lakers, had his Bentley totaled in the early hours of Saturday morning after a Los Angeles car accident. According to, the Bentley was driven by Hill’s friend, Michael Lacey, a former college basketball player, when it crashed into an apartment building.

It does not appear that anyone was hit by the car when it crashed into the building, but Lacey and/or his female passenger did appear to sustain injuries, as police are said to have followed a blood trail from the car to the apartment elevator, in the building where Hill has an apartment.

Lacey was arrested on charges of driving under the influence. Neither Lacey, nor his passenger, required hospitalization for their Los Angeles car accident injuries. Hill, who apparently was not involved in the crash, did not sustain any injuries, although he is still recovering from his hip surgery.

This case brings up many interesting legal issues, from a personal injury standpoint. First, if the passenger in the vehicle is injured, and makes a claim, who that claim would be against. The likely situation would be that she would have to make a claim against Lacey, which should be covered under Lacey’s auto insurance coverage, unless there is a provision that prevents claims when certain crimes are involved. If Lacey does not have adequate coverage or coverage is denied, the passenger could make a claim against Hill’s insurance coverage, under the theory of permissive use, assuming that Hill gave permission to Lacey to drive the car. Further, if Hill knew that Lacey might drive while intoxicated, there may also be a negligent entrustment claim made against Hill.

If the passenger was injured, or if anyone else was injured in the building, that person should contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer to investigate the circumstances involved and to seek a monetary recovery for all available damages.

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