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Two Seriously Injured in Los Angeles Gas Explosion

A Los Angeles gas explosion at a Sports Chalet in La Cañada Filtridge resulted in serious burn injuries to two store employees. According to the Los Angeles Times, the employees were going to shut off a gas valve, after a person reported smelling gas, when the explosion occurred. The two employees suffered serious burn injuries in the gas explosion.

The employees reportedly suffered second and third degree burns in the La Cañada Filtridge gas explosion. Sport Chalet, the owners of the store, and employers of the injured employees, has apparently offered their support to the injury victims and is having a blood drive on March 26th, with the American Red Cross.

The store employees, who were injured on their job, should be able to make a Los Angeles workers’ compensation claim against their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This is coverage that will cover the employees regardless of who caused the accident. From a Los Angeles personal injury standpoint, if any customers of the store had been injured, they would have to make a claim against whoever was responsible for causing the gas explosion in La Cañada Filtridge.

Many employees of businesses in Los Angeles are not aware of how workers’ compensation laws work and sometimes end up losing their claims by not contacting a Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer. Anyone injured on the job should contact a Los Angeles work comp lawyer right away. Also, if the injury is caused by a third party, such as if a postman’s vehicle is rear ended by another car, the employee may have a workers’ compensation claim against his or her employer, and a Los Angeles personal injury claim against the driver of the other vehicle. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers work closely with workers’ compensation lawyers to make sure our clients are able to get a full monetary recovery for their injuries and damages.

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