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Man Killed in Calabasas Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death

A 25 year old man from Calabasas, John Westerlund, was killed in a Calabasas motorcycle accident on Wednesday. According to The Acorn, the Calabasas accident occurred on Las Virgenes Road, when the driver of a pick up truck pulled out in front of the motorcycle, attempting to make a u-turn from a parked spot on the street.

Our Calabasas accident lawyers have seen this scenario over and over again. A car will be parked parallel to a street and then, without noticing a car coming in the same direction, will attempt a u-turn when the driver thinks it is safe to enter the opposite direction of travel. Many of these collisions result in a t-bone collision, where the car or motorcycle traveling straight broadsides the vehicle attempting the illegal u-turn.

Oftentimes, the auto insurance company for the vehicle making the illegal turn will try to deflect their liability (fault) by arguing that the vehicle traveling straight was trying to go around the turning vehicle. Insurance companies will often make up these bogus arguments in order to make it more difficult for the victim to get his or her vehicle repaired right away, which causes much frustration and inconvenience. These are among the many reasons to hire an experienced Calabasas car accident lawyer right away after an accident when you are not at fault.

Our experienced Calabasas injury lawyers will help you get your vehicle fixed, get a rental car for the time you are out of your vehicle, and, when necessary, can help you find good medical care, even if you cannot afford it. At the end, we do our best to get you the best financial recovery for your injuries and damages.

In this tragic motorcycle accident in Calabasas, the family of the victim should hire an experienced Calabasas wrongful death lawyer, to investigate the case, determine if the pickup truck was at fault and locate all possible insurance policies and sources of recovery, in order to maximize the monetary recovery for the deserved wrongful death damages.

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