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Pedestrians Suffer Critical Injuries when hit by car in Winnetka

A Winnetka pedestrian accident on Tuesday resulted in critical injuries to two pedestrians and car accident injuries to two other people. The accident occurred Tuesday afternoon in Winnetka, California. According to the Calabasas Patch, the accident happened in a multi vehicle collision on Winnetka Avenue near Roscoe Boulevard.

The pedestrians who suffered critical injuries when they were hit by a car were a 40 year old woman and a young girl only six years old. A man and woman also suffered injuries, apparently when at least two other cars collided. The man and woman were taken to a hospital and their condition was described as “fair.”

As of now, we do not have information as to who was at fault for this car crash and pedestrian accident in Winnetka. It is possible that a car may have struck the pedestrians and then the car was struck by another vehicle. It is also possible that one car stopped for the pedestrians and another car behind that car did not stop in time, rear ending the first car into the pedestrians. These are all types of accidents that we have seen and handled over the years in our personal injury law office.

It is very important that anyone injured in this incident contact an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Our experienced attorneys handle serious car accident injury cases all over California, including Winnetka and the greater Los Angeles area. It is very important to obtain all necessary medical care as soon as possible to make sure all injuries are addressed and treated right away, to avoid worsening of any injuries. The California injury lawyer will also have to examine the cause of the accident to determine who is at fault and make all appropriate claims for personal injury damages.

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