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One Person Killed in Hawthorne Car Accident

According to, one person was killed in a Hawthorne car accident today when a minivan struck a light pole. The minivan struck the light pole so hard that pictures show the van wrapped around the pole. The car accident fatality happened at the intersection of Hawthorne Boulevard and 135th Street, in Hawthorne, Los Angeles County, California.

It is not yet clear if any other cars were involved in this car accident in Hawthorne, or how many people were in the minivan at the time of the crash. The fire department reported that they found the deceased occupant of the minivan dead on arrival. The car may have also caught on fire after the accident, which may have contributed to the death.

From a personal injury legal standpoint, an accident like this can be evaluated in different ways. First, if this was a one vehicle accident and the driver of the vehicle caused the crash and he or she was the person who was deceased, with no other occupants, there probably would not be a personal injury wrongful death claim that could be made.

However, if another car negligently struck the minivan, causing the minivan to hit the pole, a Hawthorne wrongful death claim would be made against the driver of the vehicle that struck the minivan. If that vehicle fled the scene or does not have insurance, then an uninsured motorist wrongful death claim could be made, as long as there is uninsured motorist coverage for the minivan.

It is also possible that a roadway design hazard caused this collision. In such cases, it is necessary to make a government claim against the responsible government entity within six months of the date of the incident.

The family of the victim of this accident should immediately contact a Hawthorne wrongful death lawyer to investigate the cause of this tragic car accident death and determine whether a California wrongful death claim can be made. Our Los Angeles county wrongful death lawyers handle wrongful death car accident cases throughout California, including Hawthorne and can be reached 24 hours every day.

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