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Alleged DUI Driver Causes Agoura Hills Car Accident

Four people suffered injuries in an Agoura car accident on Sunday when a driver, who is suspected of being under the influence, collided with another vehicle. The DUI suspect and the three occupants of the other vehicle all suffered injuries in the car accident in Agoura Hills, California. All four were taken to hospitals. Fortunately, the injuries were described as minor.

According to the Agoura Hills Patch, the driver suspected of driving under the influence was Joshua Maquindang, who is from Canyon Country, California. The driver of the other vehicle was Johanna Krause, a resident of Malibu, California, who was driving with her two daughters in the car.

The Agoura accident happened on Kanan Road close to Camino Tranquil. According to the California Highway Patrol, Mr. Maquindang apparently swerved off the road then into oncoming traffic, where he struck the other vehicle, causing the car accident injuries. Mr. Maquindang was booked after receiving treatment for his injuries.

Hopefully Mr. Maquindang carries automobile liability insurance sufficient enough to cover the injuries and damages suffered by Johanna Krause and her children. They will have ambulance and hospital bills to pay, as well as bills for any subsequent medical care they receive. There could also be a claim for loss of earnings if any time is missed from work.

It is important to remember that sometimes police will describe injuries as “minor” when they may in fact be much more serious. Police frequently see gruesome injuries and car accident deaths, so might not recognize the seriousness of other less gruesome injuries. Many injuries that we cannot see, such as back and neck pain from a car accident can greatly alter a person’s life and may last many years or for the remainder of a person’s life. However, at the scene of the collision, the police might think the person only has minor injuries and might write something to that effect in the traffic collision report. It is important that anybody injured in a car accident in California obtain all the medical care that they need so their injuries can be treated properly and documented for their personal injury claim. If any of our clients have problems obtaining medical care, our office can help arrange doctors appointments on a lien basis, so that no up front payment or co-pay need be made.

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