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According to the Daily Breeze, many mobile traffic map apps are causing problems on small Los Angeles residential streets. The apps such as Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps attempt to help drivers take the fastest route to their destination and avoid detected traffic. The problem is that some of the traffic is diverted to small side streets or residential streets that are not designed for heavy traffic, and too much traffic on these small streets can lead to dangerous conditions.

A new motion before the Los Angeles city council proposes that the city get involved with these app makers to attempt to reduce the problems these apps cause. As one councilman put it, “Mobile app makers are sacrificing the quality of life in our neighborhoods, just so drivers can save a few seconds or minutes with an alternate route, we have an obligation to see what can be done to protect our neighborhoods and prevent these apps from continuing to divert drivers from major avenues onto small residential streets that aren’t designed to accommodate high-volume traffic.”  Continue Reading

A Hawthorne driver, Jose Padilla, and his passenger, were killed in a Gardena car accident on Wednesday evening. CBS Los Angeles reported that Mr. Padilla was driving a Chevrolet Corvette when it jumped the curb, hit a power pole, and struck a Gardena building.

Immediately after the crash the Corvette caught fire leaving the car completely mangled. Mr. Padilla was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident after being ejected from the car. A witness of the accident stated that he and others attempted to save the two men, but the fire caused explosions forcing those trying to help away from the car. It appears both men died on impact, not from the fire.  Continue Reading

A California wrongful death accident that occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach, California resulted in the death of three people and the arrest of a San Clemente woman, Bani Duarte, on suspicion of driving while intoxicated at the time of the crash.

ABC 7 News reported that the crash occurred just after 1 a.m. when the driver of a white Hyundai drove into the back of a red Toyota that was stopped at a red light. According to the current investigation, the red Toyota was at a complete stop, and there is no evidence that the white Hyundai even attempted to stop.  Continue Reading

Joseph Testone, Jr., who was the passenger in a Maserati involved in a Long Beach car accident on Friday, unfortunately died from his injuries from this accident. According to NBC News, Testone, who was a resident of Idaho, was pronounced dead at the scene of the impact.

The driver of the Maserati, who is a man from Long Beach, aged 54, suffered very serious injuries in the accident and has been listed in critical condition in the hospital. The accident apparently occurred when the driver, who was possibly going too fast, lost control of the Maserati and crashed into a tree, which cut the vehicle completely into two. The driver was ejected from the vehicle.  Continue Reading

While rain in Southern California is certainly much needed, it also causes wet roads that can make driving more dangerous. Heavy rain decreases visibility on busy roads which, when combined with slick conditions, can lead to more Los Angeles car accidents.

In light of the recent storms, the Los Angeles Daily News recommends 5 things drivers can do to stay safe and avoid a Los Angeles car accidentContinue Reading

Law Enforcement around Southern California are warning people to celebrate St. Patrick’s day safely, without drinking and driving.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, in 2016, 60 people were killed drunk-driving accidents nationwide over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday weekend. Last year, in California alone, there were 148 arrests by the CHP for St. Patrick’s Day related DUIs. Also, in Caifornia, there were three deaths and 66 DUI related car accident injuries on St. Patrick’s Day.

A day of celebration and fun can quickly turn to a day of heartbreak and tragedy if a drunk-driving accident results in the personal injury or wrongful death of another. It is important to take precautions so no one gets hurt. Southern California law enforcement agencies recommend the following 6 ways to stay safe:

  1. Plan ahead—make sure you have a designated driver or a safe way home after your night out.
  2. Check out the state Office of Traffic Safety designated driver mobile app, DDVIP—it’s a free download on iOS and Android devices and gives you offers and discounts to sober designated drivers at participating bars and restaurants.
  3. Take advantage of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.
  4. See if your community has a sober ride program.
  5. If your friends are planning to drive drunk, take the keys away from them and make sure they get home safely.
  6. Report drunk drivers to the police so Los Angeles roads can stay safe.

Continue Reading

Earlier today, an SUV struck a house in Granada Hills, California. According to the Daily News, the driver of the SUV was injured in the Granada Hills accident, but fortunately there were no injuries to anyone inside of the house. The cause of this car accident has not yet been revealed.

In a situation like this, with a car crashing into a house, it will first have to be determined what caused the car to lose control and strike the house. Was the driver struck by another car, causing him to veer into the house, or did he just lose control due to some other factor, such as driving while intoxicated?

The Granada Hills car accident occurred on Minnehaha Street, at about ten o’clock this morning. The driver had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.  Continue Reading

Qingwen Zhu, a 29 year old woman from Laguna Hills, California, was killed early on Sunday morning when the vehicle she was in was forcefully rear ended by another vehicle. The Los Angeles rear end accident occurred shortly after midnight, when the Mini Cooper Ms. Zhu was in had stopped on the 405 freeway, in the Sepulveda Pass. According to the Orange County Register, the Mini Cooper was then rear ended by a Nissan Sentra, which the California Highway Patrol says was going about 65 miles per hour.

According to the CHP, the drivers of both cars, who have not yet been identified, were both transported to the hospital with major injuries. The extent of their injuries is not yet known, but we wish them both a fast and full recovery.  Continue Reading

A Ferrari, which was carrying professional golfer Bill Haas, crashed yesterday in Pacific Palisades, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. According to CNN, the Los Angeles car accident occurred when the Ferrari, being driven by a man who has not yet been named, collided with an SUV which happened to be driven by the well known actor Luke Wilson. The Ferrari then apparently los control and rolled.

Bill Haas was a passenger in the Ferrari at the time of the car accident in Pacific Palisades and he was taken to the hospital with what have been described by the Los Angeles Fire Department as serious injuries. The driver of the Ferrari was tragically pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Luke Wilson apparently was not injured in this fatal Los Angeles accident. There was also a woman who was taken to the hospital and was listed in serious condition. Her name or involvement in the accident have not yet been released. Continue Reading

Edwin Jackson, a professional football player with the Indianapolis Colts, was killed in a car accident on Sunday with a suspected drunk driver. The wrongful death car accident occurred on the I-70 freeway. According to ESPN, Jackson was using a ride sharing service, possibly Uber or Lyft, when the accident occurred.

Jackson and the driver of the Uber or Lyft vehicle were apparently outside of the car, on the side of the road, when a man who was allegedly operating his Ford F150 pick up truck while intoxicated, drove onto the shoulder of the highway and struck them. Both the Uber/Lyft driver and Jackson were killed.

In a freak occurrence, an Indiana State Trooper who was responding to the incident, ended up striking one of them with his vehicle. The body was in the center lane of the freeway when it was struck by the police officer. Continue Reading

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