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A car chase in South Los Angeles of several suspects evading the police, resulted in a car collision at the 1300 block of W. 59th Place. The four people riding in the vehicle that was hit, a Mazda SUV, included a mother and three children and all were injured in the crash.

According to ABC 7 News, the chase started when LAPD officers pulled over a vehicle after a traffic violation. One passenger, who was carrying a gun, jumped out of the vehicle and ran. He was picked up by another vehicle that then sped off. Police gave suit, and as the second car sped away, it hit into the Mazda. The car then continued driving without stopping to render aid or identify him/herself at the scene of the crash, which is a crime in California.

Shortly after the crash, police were able to catch and apprehend three people involved in the incident, including the original passenger carrying the gun. The injured family was transported to the hospital for treatment, though the injuries are thankfully believed to be non-life-threatening. While the individuals that caused this accident will likely be facing criminal charges, they are also civilly liable to the victims they injured as a result of their choice to flee from the police and drive recklessly.

A multiple vehicle accident at a Placentia strip mall left at least 6 people injured, including one shopper and five people who were inside the vehicles involved. The accident occurred when two vehicles collided and crashed into a Goodwill store.

According to ABC 7 News, police believe the two vehicles initially collided in the parking lot in front of the store. The force of the collision then sent the vehicles slamming through the wall of the store. Video of the scene showed a tan SUV entirely in the store, and a white SUV with the front end inside the store.

An 88-year-old female driver of one vehicle involved in the incident was taken to a local hospital for her injuries. Police stated that all other victims involved in this multi-car accident suffered only minor injuries.

A supersized limousine crashed in upstate New York this week, killing the 18 people inside, as well as 2 pedestrians. The limo was headed to a brewery for a 30th birthday party for one of the passengers. According to the Los Angeles Times, the limo “ran a stop sign at a T-shaped intersection at the bottom of a hill and slammed into an unoccupied SUV.”

Investigators have yet to determine the exact cause of the accident. The crash left no visible skid marks on the road, which may mean the driver failed to brake. Investigators have uncovered several other negative details about the incident. As it turns out, the limousine had failed a safety inspection last month and the driver was not properly licensed.

Large-limo wrecks are typically uncommon. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were only “12 [limo crashes] nationwide between 2012 and 2016, compared with over 157,000 crashes involving all types of vehicles during that period.” However, crashes involving limos are often more severe. The state of California has not been immune to limo crashes. For example, in 2013 five women celebrating a bachelorette party were killed when their stretch limo caught on fire in Northern California.

According to the Orange County Register, on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 3, 2018, at around 3:19 p.m., a passenger van carrying nine students crashed into a tree, injuring the students inside. The van was taking the children to paddle board activity at Baby Beach as part of an after-school program, not connected with the school. As the van was coming down the Cove Road hill in Dana Point, the brakes on the van went out.

The driver of the van was uninjured but was extremely distressed about what happened. When the brakes gave out, she did her best to steer the van down the hill while honking at other drivers to avoid collision. The car finally stopped at the bottom of the hill when it hit a tree. The students in the car ranged from 9-12 years old and all nine suffered personal injuries in the collision. Five students in the van were seriously injured and were immediately taken to Mission Medical Center.

Luckily, none of the children suffered life-threatening injuries in this Orange County car accident. Currently, it appears that the cause of the accident was mechanical failure of the brakes. The families of the students who suffered personal injuries in this accident should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately who can help them make a personal injury claim to receive compensation for their injuries.

Just before midnight on Tuesday, September 12, 2018, a white BMW crashed into an apartment building in a Los Angeles County car accident. The car accident that occurred near Golden Springs Drive and Diamond Bar Boulevard in Diamond Bar, killed two of the three male passengers. The third passenger survived the crash, but was sent to the hospital in critical condition.

According to CBS Los Angeles News, police say the BMW was “traveling at 100 mph whit it hit a curb, went airborne and hit the apartment building.” Pictures of the vehicle show that the car was completely destroyed as a result of the accident. Continue Reading

An Oxnard car accident resulted in the deaths of two people and left another in critical condition. The accident occurred after 11:30 p.m. Monday night, near Victoria Avenue and Wooley Road. The Ventura Star reports that the accident occurred when a Pontiac Fire Bird travelling at high speeds collided with a Lexus GS 430.

After the Pontiac struck the Lexus, it left the roadway coming to rest by smashing into a palm tree. The Pontiac contained a driver and two passengers. The 19 year-old driver, Oxnard resident Juan Cruz, died at the scene.  20-year-old passenger Karisa Serrato was ejected from the car and died from her injuries after she was transported to the hospital. The other passenger, a 19-year-old from Oxnard, was also transported to the hospital in critical condition, but is now in stable condition. The Lexus driver was uninjured and stayed at the scene to speak with police.  Continue Reading

Friday evening, an apparent street race led to a violent crash that killed four people. The Moreno Valley car accident allegedly occurred when three vehicles were racing and one of the vehicles, a white car, lost control and hit a dirt median.

CBS News reported that the white car ultimately hit the concrete median and guardrail, causing the car to flip. Firefighters at the scene attempted to get the trapped passengers out of the overturned car, but the four passengers died at the scene. Another person at the scene was taken to the hospital with injuries.  Continue Reading

On Wednesday evening, a car accident in Lake Balboa, a suburb of Los Angeles, resulted in injuries to nine people. The crash occurred at the intersection of Hayvenhurst Avenue and Victory Boulevard around 8 p.m.

According to KTLA News, a car collided with an SUV attempting to make a left-hand turn, which caused the SUV to roll. After the cars collided, they struck a Los Angeles Police car that was waiting at the red light. Pictures of the crash showed the cars involved were completely mangled. Officers say it is miraculous all 9 people survived. Continue Reading

Around noon on August 3rd, two drivers died, and a bicyclist was injured in a Malibu car accident. According to ABC 7 News, the car accident occurred between a grey Mercury minivan and a red Dodge Ram pickup truck. The minivan was driving west on the Pacific Coast Highway when it crashed through the median and hit the red pickup truck traveling eastbound. Witnesses said the scene looked like an explosion as the two cars collided head-on.

The Los Angeles County Fire department responded to the car accident scene and pronounced both male drivers dead at the scene. A nearby bicyclist, who was apparently hit by a wheel that came off the pick-up truck, was transported to the hospital by ambulance for treatment.  Continue Reading

A Los Angeles car accident caused injuries to Oscar-winning actress Linda Hunt. Hunt famously won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1983 for playing a male character, Billy Kwan, in “The Year of Living Dangerously.” According to CBS Los Angeles, the car accident occurred while the actress was driving in Hollywood.

The news reported that the 73-year-old actress, more recently a star in “NCIS: Los Angeles,” was driving in a black BMW SUV and making a left-hand turn. The black BMW SUV collided with a car and another SUV in the intersection.

Hunt was immediately taken to the hospital, though the severity of her injuries was not yet known. The other drivers in the incident also suffered minor injuries. Officers are still investigating the exact circumstances of the collision to determine who caused the crash.   Continue Reading

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