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Heading into Holidays—Stay Safe on Southern California Roads


Heading into Holidays—Stay Safe on Southern California Roads

The holiday season is just kicking off with Thanksgiving around the corner. With millions of people traveling to visit family, go shopping, and attend holiday events, the roads can be more dangerous than ever. It is important to make sure that as you are out and about, you do your best to stay safe and do your best to avoid a car accident, if you can. Nothing can spoil the holidays faster than suffering injuries in an accident caused by another person.

Southern California Holiday Season Car Accident Spikes

Sadly, car accidents around the holidays happen far too often, resulting in minor to severe injuries. A few common causes for holiday accidents include:

  • Distracted Driving: With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, not only are there more drivers on the road, but many of these drivers are distracted. Whether its rushing during holiday traffic, using an electronic device while driving, or simply distractions from passengers, drivers who are not paying full attention to the road can be dangerous to others. When driving on Southern California roads, make sure you stay focused to avoid causing an accident.
  • Bad Weather: Weather can be totally unpredictable, and though you may be planning on clear weather for your holiday travels, it could change. Be prepared for rain (or even snow, depending on where you are traveling) and if it is raining, remember to drive with caution. This includes giving adequate space between your car and other cars, slowing down, and driving defensively.
  • Drunk Driving: Around the holidays, festivities typically include alcohol. While it can be fun to celebrate, it is important to stay off the road if you are intoxicated. Drunk driving can cause serious and often deadly accidents, so make sure to make travel plans ahead of time. This can include choosing a designated driver, making arrangements to stay the night after holiday festivities, or using a ride share app to get home. Don’t endanger your life or others by choosing to get behind the wheel after drinking.

Injured? Talk to a Woodland Hills Car Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, even if you do all you can to drive safely throughout the holiday season, others may not drive safely, and accidents can happen. As a result, you may be facing the holidays trying to recover from physical injuries and dealing with expensive medical costs. If you are injured in a holiday car accident, it is crucial to speak to a skilled Woodland Hills Car accident attorney who can help you get the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries.

When you are injured due to the negligence or intentional acts of another person, that person is liable to compensate you for those injuries. You can get this compensation by bringing a personal injury claim against the responsible party. At Walch Law, we have handled thousands of person injury claims, including car accident claims in Woodland Hills and throughout Southern California. If you’ve been hurt, contact Walch Law right away—we will do what we can to help you recover financially so you can focus on enjoying the holidays and recovering physically. Contact us today at 866-INJURY2 [866-465-8792] to schedule a free case consultation!

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