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Recent Result: $275,000 Los Angeles Rear End Collision

We will be publishing some of our notable recent successful results that we have obtained for some of our clients on this blog. Of course, we will keep all of the private details confidential. If you would like to see a list of many of our notable settlements and verdicts, please click here for our Case Results page on our California personal injury lawyers website.

Our client, who is in her 80s, was driving her vehicle when she was rear ended in Los Angeles. Our firm helped our client obtain the medical care that she needed, including chiropractic care and pain management. Our managing partner, Robert Walch, was able to negotiate a $275,000 settlement for her, without litigation, as she did not want our firm to file a lawsuit due to her age.

Sometimes filing a lawsuit is absolutely necessary on a case, while sometimes it can be avoided by way of a fair settlement pre-litigation. In this case, given our client’s age, we agreed that settling for $275,000 was the right move for our client. Since our client’s medical bills were not very high, she ended up with a very nice check and was very happy with the result and her net financial recovery.

With our firm, there are no tricks and we strive to have the happiest clients when everything is all said and done. However, some other law firms are known for long retainer agreements that sneak in hidden fees and costs. There is none of that with our firm. On the financial side of things, our client’s net, meaning the amount that our client receives in his or her pocket at the end, is the most important thing. We always do our best to get our client’s net as high as possible. When you see advertisements for other firms, keep in mind that they are advertising the gross amount, not the net that the client actually received. The net is most important for the client and if everything goes to pay legal and medical bills, then the client is not happy, regardless of how much the case settles for or how much is won at trial.

With this in mind, clients have to consider their ultimate net when deciding whether or not to settle a case or take it to trial. When you go to trial, there are a lot of additional costs that must be considered, including expert witnesses. Jurors will often not think about the costs when deciding a verdict amount, so sometimes it is better to settle than go to trial. That decision is always case specific and it is one of the reasons why clients need attorneys that are experienced and who they trust to help them make the right decision on their case.

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