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No Injuries in Mall Accident in Baldwin Hills

A Baldwin Hills car accident this morning involving a woman who drove her car through the doors to a mall before her vehicle was stopped by the second floor guardrail fortunately did not result in any injuries to the driver, passenger or any bystanders. The car accident in Baldwin Hills happened before 9:00am, and fortunately the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza mall had not yet opened.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the woman, who is 37 years old, who is reportedly not a licensed driver, accidentally hit the gas when she meant to hit the brake, causing her to crash through the mall doors, into the mall and almost halfway through the second floor railing, which was 20 feet high. Had the 1986 Acura Legend gone completely through the railing and crashed down into the first floor, serious injuries to the driver and passenger would likely have occurred.

In order to prevent a more serious incident such as this in the future, public gathering places such as malls should put up barriers to prevent cars from crashing through them and entering the structure, where catastrophic injuries can occur. These types of instances can happen both accidentally, as reported here, or as an intentional act to harm members of the public. Either way, the entrance to structures such as malls should be guarded against a car crashing through and entering.

This instance will serve as a reminder that these types of car accidents can happen, such as the Santa Monica Farmers Market accident or the San Diego taxi accident, in which large amounts of innocent bystanders were injured or killed by a driver.

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