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Los Angeles Car Accident Averted Due To Help From 911 Dispatcher

A very serious Los Angeles car accident was avoided on Monday due to quick thinking from a 911 operator. A woman called 911 as the accelerator on her Ford Escort was stuck and she could not get her car to stop. The woman also had her young child in the car with her.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the 911 dispatcher, Richard Engersbach, instructed the woman to place the car into neutral and to shut off the engine. Fortunately, as the vehicle was traveling at about 25 miles per hour towards a red light at Foothill Blvd. and Sport Chalet Dr., the instructions worked and the car slowed down before the engine died and the car stopped before reaching the intersection.

Due to the quick actions of both the woman and the 911 dispatcher, a potentially tragic car accident in Los Angeles was avoided. Hopefully, this information can be used by anyone else in a similar situation to avoid a future Los Angeles accident.

In the past we have heard about very serious accidents involving stuck accelerators where the driver was unable to prevent the accident. These Los Angeles products liability cases can be very serious and difficult to prove. In these situations, it is very important to maintain all evidence after the crash, so that a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can investigate the cause of the crash and see if a products liability claim can be made on behalf of the injured occupants of the vehicle, or anyone else injured in the accident.

Anyone involved in a car crash in Los Angeles should call a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. Our Los Angeles personal injury law office handles Los Angeles auto accident injury and wrongful death cases and we offer a free consultation.

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