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Tragically, the four year old boy, Nico Lurie, who suffered catastrophic injuries from a 3 story fall on Sunday, has died as a result of his injuries, in a Marina Del Rey wrongful death incident.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the young boy apparently fell through a window screen, on the third story of the residential building, known as the Mira Bella Apartments, in Marina Del Rey, California. According to reports from ABC News, the boy was playing with friends on a bunk bed near the window when he fell through the window, landing on the concrete walkway below.

Police have said that criminal charges will not be filed and reminded parents not to place furniture near windows or other hazards.

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A four year old boy suffered serious and life threatening injuries when he reportedly fell from the third floor of a high rise building in Marina Del Rey, California. The boy was taken by Los Angles paramedics to Ronald Reagan Medical Center, part of the University of California at Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department said the boy’s condition is “grave” after the three story fall in Marina Del Rey. According to the Los Angeles Times, the reason for the fall is unknown at this time.

When children fall from buildings, there could be various reasons, including negligent supervision by adults, or faulty safety precautions on the part of the building. Some balcony railings negligently have gaps or holes that a small child can fit through, which can lead to a disastrous fall and a Marina Del Rey premises liability case.

Some children may also be able to climb over a low balcony railing, which also may not be up to code and may constitute negligence on the part of the building owner, contractor and/or designer.

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