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Teen Driver Charged in Orange County Drunk Driving Accident

Another tragic California drunk driving collision resulted in the deaths of Steven Uselton and his son, Douglas Uselton. According to the Los Angeles Times, the driver of the other car, Rafael Lopez, has been charged with two felony counts of vehicular manslaughter, for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

The Orange County car accident, which occurred this past Sunday, happened in the early hours of the morning and apparently Mr. Lopez was traveling at high speeds when he collided with the Uselton’s Buick.

Mr. Lopez, who is only 18 years old, now faces significant time in jail or prison as a result of this tragic California drunk driving accident. The family of the victims also has a potential wrongful death claim against Mr. Lopez. If Mr. Lopez does not have adequate insurance coverage, he could be found personally liable for the excess damages he has allegedly caused.

It is important to remember that the fact that someone was driving drunk does not mean that the person was the cause of the accident. It still must be proven that the drunk driver’s negligence was the cause. If the person is arrested for drunk driving, it is important to obtain records from the District Attorney to prove that the person was in fact drunk. An arrest is not evidence of the underlying crime. Just as if a person is arrested for murder, it does not mean that he/she committed the murder, the same goes for a drunk driving arrest. However, evidence of a failed breathalyzer or a blood alcohol test result may be admissible in court.

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