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Sheriff Arrested After South Los Angeles Car Accident

A South Los Angeles car accident has resulted in the drunk driving arrest of an L.A. County Sheriff deputy. Michael Grundy, a 45 year old sheriff deputy, apparently was driving under the influence and collided with another car in an intersection accident in South Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Deputy Grundy, who allegedly was driving with twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood, then fled the scene of the Los Angeles accident, before being found by two other Los Angeles sheriff deputies, who brought Grundy back to the scene of the car accident in Los Angeles. Grundy was then arrested by the California Highway Patrol.

There are many Los Angeles car accidents in which one of the parties involved is a police officer. Our Los Angeles personal injury law office has handled cases involving accidents with Sheriff’s deputies and Los Angeles Police Department officers. In these situations, the police report is often not very reliable, as it has been composed by a potentially bias source. However, in certain instances, the police report will be accurate and state the police officer was at fault, but this is usually when there are independent witnesses substantiating this claim.

In some areas of Los Angeles however, we have seen some witnesses feel more intimidated by the police and are afraid to testify against the police, even when the car accident is the officer’s fault. Another important thing to note is that when involved in a car accident with a police officer, a government claim may need to be filed within six months of the date of the accident. This is an important time deadline.

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers handle car accident cases, including those against government entities. If you are not at fault, even if the police report blames you, you are still entitled to proper legal representation. Contact our office to speak with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

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