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Koreatown Yoshinoya Restaurant Crash in Los Angeles Injures 6

A serious Los Angeles car accident occurred this morning in Koreatown, when a tow truck crashed into a Yoshinoya restaurant, injuring six people. One of the victims of the Koreatown Yoshinoya accident is listed in critical condition and four others were taken to hospital.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a witness said that the driver of the tow truck, which was a flat bed truck, apologized for the Koreatown accident at Yoshinoya, and claimed that the brakes on his truck failed. A dental clinic, which is located above the Yoshinoya restaurant, had to be closed due to the incident and possible structural damage to the building. The Yoshinoya restaurant and dental clinic are located at the intersection of Beverly Blvd. and Normandie Ave.

One witness said that some employees were injured in the Yoshinoya tow truck accident and that one woman had been thrown across the Yoshinoya as a result of the crash.

With a serious incident like this, the victims and their families should contact an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, as much investigation needs to be conducted. One possible issue will be determining why the brakes may have failed, and a products liability claim may be necessary if investigation shows that a malfunction in the vehicle caused the Koreatown Yoshinoya tow truck crash.

Victims of accidents in Los Angeles are advised to call our Los Angeles personal injury law office for a free consultation with an experienced attorney who can help them get the money they deserve.

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