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Palm Springs Pedestrian George Lammon Hit and Killed by Car

George Lammon, a 52 year old resident of Twenty-nine Palms, California, was reportedly struck and tragically killed in Palm Springs by a vehicle on May 22, 2022, at about 4:12 am.

The pedestrian vs vehicle wrongful death collision occurred at the 800 block of North Sunrise Way in Palm Springs, California.

The Riverside County Fire Department arrived on the scene and reported this incident.

Mr. Lammon was pronounced dead at the scene by the emergency crews who responded to the scene, according to the Riverside County Fire Department.  Whether Mr. Lammon survived for awhile after the collision or was instantly killed will have a bearing on any wrongful death civil action brought by the family of Mr. Lammon against the driver and owner of the vehicle that struck Mr. Lammon because under new California law, Code of Civil Procedure Section 377.34, California now has joined some other states in allowing money damages for the pain, suffering and disfigurement a decedent suffered from a collision before he or she died.  Before this change in California law, effective January 1, 2022, when a decedent died his or her clams for pain, suffering and disfigurement also died or terminated on his or her death.  This amounted to an unfair windfall or reward to the person or persons responsible for causing the pain and resulting death to the decedent who died when the victim actually dies rather than survives.

In this case, the driver of the vehicle that struck and killed Mr. Lammon remained at the scene, as required by California law, and informed the investigators that he was driving southbound on North Sunrise Way, south of Tamarisk Road in Palm springs, when he first saw the pedestrian, later identified as George Edward Lammon, age 52, but was unable to avoid hitting him and killing him.   No information has been released about whether Mr. Lammon died instantly or survived for awhile before passing.

So far, the identity of the driver who hit and killed Mr. Lammon also has not been disclosed to the public.

According to preliminary reports, alcohol and drugs are not suspected to be a contributing factor to this terrible traffic incident.  In such incidents, especially during late night and early morning collisions, drugs or alcohol use is alleged.

Currently there is much to learn – including whether Mr. Lammon was in a cross walk, wearing light colored or dark clothing, the speed of the other vehicle, whether any mobile phones or other devices were being used that may have caused inattention, the use of any alcohol or drugs or other intoxicating substances by anyone involved, and how long Mr. Lammon survived post collision.  If you have any information about this tragic pedestrian accident incident or are involved in any injury accident, you may contact us for a FREE consultation and with our law firm there is NO fee until you win.

The authorities have requested that any witnesses to this collision or anyone with information pertaining to this incident contact the PSPD Traffic Division at 760-323-8125.  Also, anonymous information may also be provided to our wrongful death and personal injury law offices at 1-866-INJURY 2 or 1-818-222-3400 or via Crime Stoppers at 760-347-7867.

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