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Do You Have a Honda Civic With Lane Departure Assist Problems?

Some Honda Civic owners have reported problems related to their lane departure assist system also known as the Honda Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS). For example, according to the website, the owner of one 2022 Honda Civic reported the lane centering/keeping feature began pulling the vehicle sharply to the right side of the lane causing the lane departure warning system to shake the steering wheel, this occurring on or about June 13, 2022, with just over 600 miles on the Honda Civic vehicle.

Another driver said in a complaint on March 16, 2022, that their 2022 Honda Civic pulled out of the lane instead of steering the vehicle in the lane. The driver stated s/he provided Honda with video and picture evidence and that the automaker couldn’t do anything to fix the problem. This individual said s/he are no longer comfortable using those features and that s/he don’t feel safe driving the vehicle while those assist features are engaged.

Obviously, these vehicle owners should not be using those apparently unsafe purported safety features, although they relied upon them and were charged for them by Honda.   Further if you were involved in any injury accident involving the Honda lane assist feature, please contact us now for an absolutely FREE consultation.

How the Assist is Supposed to Work

We are informed that the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) is designed to alert the driver when the vehicle begins to drift from its lane. The Honda Lane Keeping Assist System features a sensor camera that is mounted behind the rearview mirror. This camera scans road marking and relays visual and tactile alerts to notify the driver if the vehicle starts to drift from its lane without signaling.

As soon as the vehicle starts to drift, a warning appears in the multi-information display and the steering wheel will vibrate to alert the driver. Honda’s website states that the LKAS “can also automatically provide corrective steering to help keep the car securely in the detected lane.” Honda allows drivers to deactivate the LKAS at any time. Adding Honda Sensing, which includes this feature, could cost consumers about $1,000.

Potential Class Action

If you are experiencing these or other problems with Honda lane assist, or were involved in any injury accident where you believe a malfunction of your Honda lane assist feature contributed to causing your collision, you may be able to make an individual claim and or participate in a class action lawsuit against Honda seeking compensation for all your losses and damages. When you purchase a vehicle or include a package of features that are meant to keep you safe, you expect it to work – and need it to work– the way it is intended to work.

When such features fail to function as intended, it can cause consumers to feel not only frustrated but also less safe so they deactivate this purported safety system. Worse, such failures can cause devastating accidents resulting in wrongful death cases. Our car accident personal injury and wrongful death lawyers are ready to help such vehicle owners pursue their legal options.

Please contact us now and or send us an email now to with your information so we may provide you with an absolutely FREE consultation and if we take your case we do so on a contingency fee basis which means there is NO fee to you until you WIN!

We are evaluating these Honda LKAS cases now so please do not wait; please contact us now.

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