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PIT BULL DOGS ATTACK AND INJURE MOTHER AND HER 1-YEAR-OLD BABY Pico Rivera Mother and Daughter Bit By 2 Pit Bulls in Los Angeles County- Mother Kills One Pit Bull Defending Herself and Her Daughter

A Pico Rivera family was shattered when two Pit Bull dogs viciously attacked a one year old baby girl when the baby started crying.  The baby’s family tried to pull the two Pit Bull dogs off the baby girl while one of the dogs had the tiny baby girl by her leg in this Pico Rivera dog attack.

The mother of the baby girl suffered multiple bites while trying to save her daughter, including receiving bites to her face and hands.  These bites occurred while the mother, Jamie Morales, was trying to free her baby daughter from the latching bite of the Pit Bulls.

Pit Bull dogs are notorious for being both vicious and having a latching type of bite that causes significant injury.

During the attack, Ms. Morales stabbed both Pit Bulls to try to rescue her daughter, and one of the Pit Bulls died at the scene of the attack.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff reported that the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority responded to this incident and took the surviving Pit Bull into custody.  Representative of the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority were not available for comment when this story was published by the Los Angeles Times newspaper, so the extent of injuries to the surviving Pit Bull and what happened to this Pit Bull or what will happen to this Pit Bull are not known.   It is believed the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority will test the Pit Bull for rabies to see if the special medical treatment for rabies needs to be administered to Ms. Morales and her baby daughter.

There are over 200 breeds of dogs and Pit Bulls reportedly make-up only about 6% of the United States dog population, but Pit Bulls have been responsible for about 67% of all fatal dog attacks from 2005 to 2020.   That is a startling statistic, but not to lawyers in our Dog Bite Personal Injury Law Firm because we see that over half of all our dog bite cases are caused by Pit Bull dogs.  Further, Pit Bulls  are 48%  more likely to attack without any provocation and are responsible for a disproportionately high percentage of mortality in infants. Most fortunately, thanks to the quick action of Jamie Morales and her family that did not occur in this case.

It also was reported by authorities that Jamie Morales and her baby daughter were taken to the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.   The Morales baby had surgery for her injuries to her arm and shoulder.  No other information was available at the time of the report.

We certainly hope baby Morales and her mom, Jamie, are doing well.  While we are animal lovers and support many worthwhile dog and animal charities, it is obvious that notwithstanding the good sweet nature of many Pit Bulls, there is something wrong with too many members of this breed.  While many of those who have Pit Bulls may disagree, all we need do is ask is why is only this one breed responsible for more than half of the dog bite cases we see in our personal injury and wrongful death law offices over more than 45 years?

Some have suggested that all Pit bulls be spayed or neutered at birth, so not to kill those born but to extinguish the breed.  What are your thoughts?

Should you or any member be bit or attacked by a Pit Bull dog or any other dog, you should:

  • Seek immediate medical care
  • Try to get photos of the dog(s), their owners, the scene and your own injuries
  • Try to obtain the name and contact information for the dog(s) owner(s), anyone in custody of the dog(s), and all witnesses
  • Report the incident to local Animal Control and or local police / sheriff department.
  • Contact an experienced personal injury dog bite lawyer for advice.

Meanwhile, if you or any family member has been bitten or injured by a Pit Bull or any other dog breed, please contact us now for an absolutely FREE consultation and case evaluation.  We have over 45 years of experience, we have won thousands of personal injury cases and we gladly continue to offer FREE initial consultations.  We have law offices in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles and Calabasas/San Fernando Valley.  Please call us now [1.866 INJURY 2], you will be glad that you did.

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