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Man Killed in West Los Angeles Accident

A man was killed on Thursday night in a West Los Angeles accident in which a gun in his vehicle apparently went off, hitting him in the head. The man, Anthony Camacho, was 20 years old. His vehicle then rear ended another vehicle, causing a West Los Angeles car accident. The car accident in West Los Angeles happened on Sepulveda Blvd.

According to the Los Angeles Times, investigators are still investigating the cause of the death, as Camacho was alone in the vehicle at the time. One possible cause of death could be that the gun was not properly secured or malfunctioned, possibly if the car hit a dip or bump in the road. Another unconfirmed possibility is that Camacho committed suicide by shooting himself in the head while driving. If there was a problem with the gun that caused it to go off unexpectedly, there may be a products liability wrongful death claim for the family of Camacho.

It was not reported if anyone in the car that was rear ended in West Los Angeles suffered any injuries. Often rear end accidents, even without much visible property damage, cause significant injuries to the occupants inside the vehicles. Reasons for this sometimes include bumper technology that does not show much damage, as well as the fact often the cars do not line up in a way that causes much damage, but causes injury to the occupants of the rear ended vehicle.

Just because there is not much visible damage to a vehicle does not mean there is no personal injury. Insurance companies may wrongfully deny a personal injury claim based on a lack of or minor visible damage. It is important to have the vehicle inspected by a Los Angeles body shop so that if there is any internal or frame damage; it can be found and repaired.

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