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4 People Injured in Irvine Car Accident

An Irvine car accident on Thursday resulted in injuries to four people, including two serious injuries. According to the Orange County Register, the three car collision occurred on the 405 freeway in Irvine, California.

The Costa Mesa Fire Department said that two of the car accident injury victims suffered traumatic injuries, while two others suffered what were described as minor injuries. The three vehicles involved in the car accident in Irvine were a Scion Xb, a Ford Expedition and a Toyota Tundra. Two of the vehicles hit the center wall of the 405 freeway.

Which vehicle caused the Irvine accident has not yet been determined. California Highway Patrol should take statements from all of the drivers and passengers of the vehicles, as well as all eye-witnesses, before making a determination of fault. However, a traffic collision report, which is made by police, does not establish legal fault to a car accident. Usually, the police are not eye-witnesses to the accident and oftentimes their determination is based on dishonest accounts of the event.

For this reason, just because a traffic collision report, also known as a police report, places a party at fault for an accident, this does not mean the party was in fact in fault and doesn’t mean the party will not be able to recover for his or her injuries and damages.

Our California accident attorneys have successfully won many cases in which the police report clearly blamed our client for the car, bike, motorcycle or pedestrian accident. In these circumstances, it is often necessary to contact witnesses directly and find out all details, in order to determine what the police may have missed in their often hasty investigations. Recently, we obtained the insurance companies’ policy limits in a case in which the police report, including eye witness testimony, completely blamed our client for the car accident. This took the hard, determined work that is necessary of a California personal injury lawyer. We work on Irvine accident claims, as well as accidents throughout California.

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