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How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Ventral Hernia Mesh Surgical Procedure?

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Ventral Hernia Mesh Surgical Procedure?

Ventral hernia repairs are usually performed with an open or a laparoscopic surgical procedure. This can shorten the recovery time of the person getting the procedure, to allow the person to get back to the normal scheme of life quickly. Many times, how quickly you get back to normal after a surgery is called your “quality of life.” If you are able to recover quickly after a surgery, then it may stand to reason that your quality of life will remain the same as it was before the surgery. If you take a long time to recover from a surgery and experience prolonged pain in relation to the surgical procedure, then you may experience a lowered quality of life after your ventral hernia surgery.1  

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Ventral Hernias Can Be Repaired with a Variety of Hernia Meshes

A ventral hernia can be repaired with hernial meshes made of materials characterized by:

  • Synthetic
  • Biosynthetic
  • Biologic3

When using synthetic meshes, the medium weight meshes tend to have the fewest complications, such as with polypropylene.3 Biosynthetic meshes can be useful during a hernia mesh surgery recovery, because they are absorbed into the body within 6-18 months. The biosynthetic meshes also have a higher incidence of surgical site infections and contaminations during the surgical procedure. The biologic meshes can offer an added benefit of a collagen based extracellular matrix scaffold, which can promote healing.3

Ventral Hernia Repairs with a Robotic Laparoscopic Tool Significantly Reduces the Risk of Infection After a Ventral Hernia Surgery

The use of robotic laparoscopic repairs of the abdominal wall of a hernia can help reduce risks of infection after a ventral hernia surgical procedure. Surgery using robotic tools to mend a hernia, can offer sutures that heal quickly, and assist in a safer hernial repair surgical procedure.2 This procedure is especially beneficial in patients who need hernia repair and how are obese. The use of robotics is beneficial too for the reduction of wound complications, after a hernia repair surgery. If a person suffers from obesity, even if there is one hernial repair surgery to repair the hernia, there is an increased risk that the hernia will reoccur in these individuals. That includes if the individual has had a ventral, umbilical or incisional hernia repair surgery.2

Do You Have to Lose Weight First, in Order to Get a Robotic Hernia Repair Surgery?

No, you may not have to lose any significant amount of weight first, before you can become eligible for a robotic hernia repair surgical procedure. A hernia mesh can be useful in a surgery to repair the abdominal wall reconstruction of an obese person with a hernia. If you have had a complication or problem with your surgery for a hernia repair and a robotic procedure was used, you can feel free to call the winning Los Angeles hernia mesh lawyers at Walch Law, and you can speak to us now at 866-INJURY2 or 866-465-8792.


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