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Are Los Angeles Hernia Meshes Used Equally on Men and Women for Hernia Repair Procedures?

Are Los Angeles Hernia Meshes Used Equally on Men and Women for Hernia Repair Procedures?

Hernias that occur in the groin area can affect men and women, although it is more common that a hernia affects men. If a woman has an inguinal hernia, the way to diagnosis it is to use an ultrasound. Ultrasonography can help diagnoses a hernia in women, and if there are complications after a hernia repair as well, it can be found using this equipment. The use of magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is also popular to diagnose a hernia, as well as a herniography which uses an injection of contract media into the hernial sac to identify a hernia.1

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Most Groin Hernias are Inguinal Hernias Which Are 96% of All Hernias in Our Country

The majority of groin hernias in the United States are inguinal hernias, nearly 96%, with femoral hernias making up 4% of the hernia. The femoral hernias are more commonly found in women. Of the 1.6 million groan hernias diagnosed each year, 700,000 of them are repaired using surgical procedures.1 There are many risk factors that can increase your likelihood of getting an inguinal hernia, which includes:

  • Family history of this risk
  • Low body mass index
  • Being male
  • Being elderly
  • Having a systemic connective tissue disease
  • History of radical prostatectomy
  • History of radiation therapy
  • In women having a chronic cough
  • In women having a tall stature
  • In women having an umbilical hernia

Some Hernias Have No Symptoms, Others Are Characterized by Sudden Abdominal Pains

Sometimes people who have a definite groin hernia never have symptoms, and never know that they are experiencing a hernial defect. Any time that you feel pain in the groan, worsening symptoms on standing, straining or lifting, you may have a hernia. Sometimes people also report having symptoms related to a hernia at the latter part of the day, or after lifting objects that may have been heavy. But just because there are no symptoms does not mean that you don’t have a hernia.

There can be a “hidden hernia” that is present in your abdomen, without your knowledge of having the condition, in some cases. This might be realized when you stretch as the tissue near to the hernia will tear. If you ever experience severe pains in the groin area, then the hernia may require an emergency surgical procedure to repair it, to prevent more damage to the tissue and muscles in that area of the body.

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