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Dog Attack: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the United States. People love their dogs, but not all dogs love people.  Any dog can bite and our dog bite lawyers have seen bad dog bite injuries caused by all sizes of dogs. Knowing what to do and not to do in the face of an unknown dog can make a difference in the outcome for you and your family.  Of course every situation is different and you should rely on what you think is the best thing to do if you are being attacked or see someone being attacked.  Below is some general advice:

  • What You Should Never Do: Dog experts tend to agree that you typically should not try to run away from the dog you are confronted by, even if it seems to be the most prudent thing to do to get out of the situation. Dogs are instinctively hunters, and running away can trigger their instinct to chase down their prey.  Running away may make the dog want to chase you, and this is not something you want once they catch you. In addition, you should avoid hitting a dog if it attacks you. Fighting back against the dog can make the dog feel even more defensive which can make them try to attack you even harder. This defensive drive is what often makes a dog want to kill their prey and bring it home.
  • What You Should Do: Knowing that you usually should not run or try to attack a dog is good, but you should also know what the right steps to take are. The first is that you want to try to relax and be still. Your body being more relaxed means that the dog won’t feel apprehension from you, and it may help the dog relax their defensive posture.  You don’t want to make eye contact with the dog. You don’t want to put yourself in a submissive position by laying down or lowering yourself. Stay in an upright position.

What happens in those instances of a child or someone else being attacked? You may be the witness to a dog attack, and how you respond can make a difference. Try to avoid yanking the dog off of the person or the child. Yanking the dog off could rip off the skin of the person being attacked causing more damage.

You may want to try hitting the attacking dog with an object to redirect its attention. Grabbing the dog by the scruff is another option. This helps you keep the dog’s head under control, and helps keep them from biting you. Another option is grabbing the dog’s Adam’s apple and choking the dog.  Sometimes, throwing water on a dog can stop the dog.

Compensation is available for those injured by a dog and other animal attack. At Walch Law, we have the experience you want handling your dog bite case.  We have obtained many excellent results for our clients who have been the victims of dog bites. Your initial consultation with us is always free and designed to answer your questions about the legal process. Time is of the essence so do not hesitate to call us today.

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