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Earlier today a truck accident on the 210 Freeway in Pasadena caused one wrongful death and at least two other injuries. According to the Los Angeles Times, the fatal accident involved five vehicles and a truck that was significantly damaged.

The Pasadena truck accident occurred near Madre Street and caused a significant traffic blockage as vehicles were damaged throughout the freeway and California Highway Patrol investigates the scene to determine the cause of the accident.

This multi vehicle wrongful death truck accident will require much investigation on the part of the CHP, any other investigating agencies and eventually by lawyers hired by any of the injured parties or the family of the potential wrongful death victim. Sometimes more than one of the vehicles contributed to causing the injuries or death, in which case any responsible parties and/or their insurance companies will have to pay for the wrongful death damages.

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According to Tesla Motors, a man was killed while driving his Tesla in Autopilot mode when his vehicle collided with the trailer portion of a tractor trailer. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is investigating the involvement of the Tesla Autopilot feature in the fatal truck accident.

Tesla points out that Autopilot is disabled on its cars when they are purchased and it is an optional feature that needs to be activated by the driver. This particular driver was an avid fan of the Autopilot feature and even posted videos online of how the feature worked.

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An Antelope Valley Transportation Authority bus collided with a pickup truck Monday, causing critical, but apparently not fatal, injuries to the driver of the truck. According to the Lancaster Sheriff’s Department, the driver of the pickup truck did not stop at a stop sign, which led to this Lancaster bus accident.

The Antelope Valley Times is reporting that three occupants of the bus had to be taken to the hospital for their injuries and the rest of the occupants did not need immediate hospital care. It does not appear that anyone on the bus suffered serious injuries in this bus crash.

The bus accident occurred on Avenue K and 70th Street East in Lancaster, California. Investigators with the Sheriff’s Department will have to determine if the driver of the bus did anything to contribute to causing this accident. As our personal injury law firm handles many accident injury cases in Lancaster, we know that often times vehicles are speeding on Avenue K in this area. The Sheriff’s Department also reported that it does not appear that alcohol or drugs played a part in the collision.

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In a tragic and freak wrongful death accident yesterday, a big rig truck carrying a shipping container apparently struck a bridge, causing the container to fall off of the truck and crush and kill a nearby bicyclist. This wrongful death truck accident occurred close to where Carson borders Long Beach, in Los Angeles County, California.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the LA County Fire Department said that the truck collided with a railroad bridge, which knocked the shipping container off of the truck. is reporting that the bicyclist was riding on the sidewalk when he was hit and crushed by the container.

LAist has verified the identity of the deceased bicyclist as Robert Castorena, a resident of the City of Long Beach, California. Mr. Castorena was 51 years old.

We highly recommend that Mr. Castorena’s family members immediately contact a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer who is experienced in proving wrongful death damages. Here, the liability, or fault for the accident, most likely is on the trucking company, as the truck should not have been operating in an area with bridges low enough to knock the container off of the truck.

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According to the Los Angeles Times, a milk tanker truck apparently caused a serious accident on the 60 freeway today in El Monte. The big rig truck accident, which involved eight cars and three big rig trucks, killed a five year old girl. In addition, at least 12 other people suffered injuries in the El Monte truck accident.

The milk truck crash occurred early this morning, before 6am, when the milk tanker truck collided with other vehicles and then landed on the center divider of the freeway. The resulting damage and milk leak caused authorities to have to shut down both sides of the 60 freeway. The closures caused massive traffic delays for commuters.

In addition to the crashed vehicles and massive spill, two cars caught on fire and had to be extinguished by firefighters. A hazardous materials team from Los Angeles County was also called in to help with the milk spill.

We offer our sincerest condolences to the family of the young girl who was tragically killed in this tanker truck accident and wish a speedy recovery to those who suffered injuries.

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Tracy Morgan, a well known comedian and actor, who often performs in Los Angeles, suffered very serious injuries in a Walmart truck accident this morning. The accident happened in New Jersey, when a Wal-Mart truck driver apparently lost control of the truck and struck a limousine that was transporting Tracy Morgan, as well as others. Tragically, another comedian, James McNair, knows as Jimmy Mack, who was with Morgan in the limousine, was killed by the Wal-Mart truck.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the driver of the big rig truck, Kevin Roper, may have been dozing while driving, which allegedly caused this tragic big rig truck accident. Bill Simon, the President and CEO of Wal-Mart, expressed his condolences and said that if it is determined that the Wal-Mart truck driver caused the accident, WalMart would take full responsibility.

Morgan and the rest of the passengers were apparently riding in a chauffeured sports utility vehicle limousine that was hit by the WalMart big rig truck. The full extent of Morgan’s injuries is not yet known, but it is reported that his family is with him at the hospital.

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CNN is reporting that a total of 10 people have passed away due to the Fed-Ex big rig truck crash with the bus in Orland, California yesterday. The fatalities from the Northern California bus crash include the drivers of both the FedEx truck and the bus that was carrying students to visit Humboldt State University.

In addition to the drivers, five high school students were killed in this tragic accident, as well as three people who were chaperones for the students. Reports indicate that the students were in a program designed for disadvantaged high school students, from families with low incomes or would be first generation college attendees. Some of the students on the bus were from the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The California Highway Patrol has not yet determined what caused the Fed-Ex big rig truck to cross over the highway median on I-5 and crash head on into the passenger bus. In addition to the fatalities from this California bus crash, over 30 people were taken to hospitals with truck crash injuries.

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A tragic California bus accident today, in which a bus was struck by a Fed-Ex big rig truck, has resulted in at least nine deaths and numerous injuries. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Northern California bus crash occurred when the FedEx truck, traveling southbound, crossed into the opposite direction of Interstate 5, when it crashed into the bus. The bus may have been carrying Los Angeles school students who were in Northern California to visit Humboldt State University, during spring break.

After this terrible bus accident, the bus caught on fire and ended up completely burnt out. It is not clear if the students who were injured escaped the bus before the fire, or if they suffered fire, burn and smoke inhalation injuries as well.
Whether the students on the bus were in fact from Los Angeles has not yet been confirmed. Initial reports suggest that they are high school seniors from a school in South Los Angeles. Our hearts go out to the injured students and the families of the injured and deceased.

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Fortunately, after two Pasadena big rig truck freeway accidents this week, caused by the overnight rain that came down both nights, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that no occupants of the big rig trucks or other people on the freeway suffered serious injuries.

Early this morning, a big rig truck crashed on the 210 freeway, near where it meets the 134 freeway. Two other big rigs apparently were unable to avoid the wreck and crashed as well. The freeway was closed for about six hours while the truck accident remnants were cleared.

Yesterday, also due to the night rain, a big rig crashed on the 210 freeway in Pasadena. Fortunately, neither Pasadena truck accident resulted in serious injuries.

A representative from the California Highway Patrol stated that these types of truck accidents in the rain are often caused when the big rig truck driver does not appropriately adjust his or her speed for road conditions, including curves in the road and transitions between different freeways.

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A downtown Los Angeles truck accident has resulted in the death of a 52 year old lady. Four other pedestrians were injured in the truck accident in Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Times, a Chevrolet Avalanche pickup truck apparently collided with five pedestrians while they were standing on the sidewalk. After striking the pedestrians, the truck crashed into Casa India Restaurant, on Broadway.

It is not clear what exactly caused the downtown Los Angeles pedestrian accident. It is possible the driver of the pickup truck lost control of the vehicle, causing the crash. In other similar circumstances, we have seen drivers suffer heart attacks or strokes before striking pedestrians or other vehicles. Here, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, the restaurant’s structural integrity was not compromised by the impact.

Injury victims of this Los Angeles accident should contact a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer to investigate the cause of the crash and to seek personal injury damages from the insurance company of the truck driver. The family of the woman who was killed should contact a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer to seek wrongful death damages for the victim’s heirs.

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